• Profit Margins and Productivity

    Many of today’s service firms track work and bill clients in much the same way as they did two decades ago. Why are so many companies slow to change the methods they use to bill and interact with their customers? Because change is difficult.

  • What is Happening in the World of CRM

    Trending for CRM in 2014 Three months into 2014 we are seeing some important and noteworthy trends in CRM. It is all about the experience. The customer experience continues to be a vital one, requiring businesses to adhere to a disciplined approach. According to research firm Forrester, this experience can be enhanced by following a […]

  • Automatic Notification When Tasks are Complete

    Project Managers know that when a particular ‘Task’ is showing a status completed, this does not necessarily mean this has been entirely completed. Through TimeLinx you can set up automatic alerts to notify users when the task before theirs is completed. This ensures they can get started on time, keeping within their schedule. This functionality […]

  • Setting Up Email Alerts from Saleslogix to Toodledo or Asana

    For those users that are managing their personal “To Do” lists outside of TimeLinx for Saleslogix or Sage CRM, you can now use an email alert notification. These alert notifications will send your assigned task from Saleslogix or Sage CRM to your Toodledo or Asana system. This is also compatible with most other “To Do” […]

  • Managing Multisite (stress free) Projects

    Managing projects in one location can be a monumental effort. For companies that need to roll-out the same project often simultaneously in multiple locations, the process can be harrowing. However, some simple best practices can help project managers stay on track even when coordinating a complex project in hundreds of locations. Start with a template […]

  • Using GANTT Charts to Ensure Project Success

    Getting your team on the same page isn’t always easy. When deadlines and milestones are not clearly defined, the risks for task slippage and project failure greatly increases. GANTT charts provide a visual framework into the work to be performed thereby improving communications between all parties which is highly necessary when complex projects are involved. […]