TimeLinx Configurator

Configure. Price. Quote.

Our Configurator is natively hosted in the cloud or on your server and integrated with Sage CRM.

The cloud version offers flexible accessibility: you can access it anywhere, anytime, from within Sage CRM or from any web browser, and whether your CRM/ERP systems are available or not.

We created the Configurator to help your employees with creating quotes. For your experienced employees, that means more quotes in less time; for your inexperienced employees, that means the opportunity to create fail-safe quotes before manager review.

To help your employees, the Configurator:

  • Standardizes the estimating process across your organization
  • Offers step-by-step guided selling for your products and services
  • Configures complex service quotes for delivery with TimeLinx projects
  • Utilizes a rules builder to create every rule necessary
  • Creates rules to prompt reps to cross-sell and upsell

We also created the Configurator to improve your customer service. For clients, that means a consistent experience no matter which sales rep they talk to.

For better customer service, the Configurator:

  • Prompts sales reps to upsell/cross-sell based on preset rules
  • Applies pricing discounts and rules consistently
  • Recommends relevant products, services, or add-ons based on a client’s profile

Our overall goal for the Configurator is to improve the quoting process across your entire organization and eliminate errors for both new and experienced sales reps, so the Configurator also:

  • Configures products with their dependent services and delivers in them TimeLinx
  • Accurately configures custom assemblies, sub-assemblies, or products
  • Populates pricing/inventory from an external file or adds it “on the fly”
  • Guarantees every item is included with correct quantities and options
  • Eliminates errors that reduce profits

The TimeLinx Configurator makes complex quoting easy.