Transforming Workflows Into Profits

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    An organization must identify its own optimized workflow process before implementing technology. Streamlining your time and billing processes will have a substantial and immediate effect on overall profitability and return on investment.

    Professional service organizations (PSO) – consultants, integrators, manufacturers, IT consultants, architects, engineers, etc. – have one thing that’s constant and costly … people. To grow and be successful, PSOs must maximize the utilization of their workforce as well as improve the technology that drives their processes.

    Read our whitepaper for more details about how today’s most profitable companies understand that success comes from streamlined processes and systems that increase efficiency and cost savings.

    This paper specifically details how an integrated system will affect:

    • Corporate collaboration
    • Reporting
    • Premium-rate billing
    • HR reporting of PTO and leave-time policy enforcement

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    About TimeLinx

    Only TimeLinx puts you in control of service delivery management and profitability all in one fully integrated system. You get transparency, access, and control across your entire customer lifecycle, from lead management to project delivery.

    TimeLinx applications connect departments and break down information silos, allowing you to manage all aspects of your service delivery within one system. Your work, projects, and staff will be more productive and profitable because TimeLinx helps you manage projects, tasks, resources, time entry, expenses, scheduling, tickets, and other issues – all while focusing on optimizing financial returns.

    “Before TimeLinx, it could take us weeks to get invoices out. Now, we’re able to generate invoices…in under one week.” – BW Papersystems
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