5 Ways to Keep Technicians Safe During the Pandemic

Published- FieldNation.com

1. Schedule work orders during off-hours

Work with your end-clients to schedule work orders when sites are not heavily populated. If the site is a retail location, for example, try setting work order windows for before and/or after store hours. Even if some staff remain, a technician should reasonably be able to maintain 6 feet of space away from other people. This might not be possible when stores, especially superstores and grocery stores, are open for business.

2. Add extra details to your work order

Technicians are interested in very different information regarding work sites than they may have been a month ago. Try to set reasonable expectations for what technicians can expect on-site. Try to answer the following questions in the work order description:

Could a technician reasonably expect to practice social distancing while on-site, staying 3-feet away from other people?
Will technicians have access to a restroom to wash their hands? If not, will they have access to hand sanitizer?
If your work order is at a retail location, is the work order time scheduled during hours when the store is closed?
Reducing uncertainty by adding these details can make your work order more likely to get filled.

3. Give technicians access to sanitation supplies

Under normal circumstances, contractors are expected to supply their own cleaning products. However, like all consumers, many technicians are struggling to find supplies including disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer. Communicate with end-clients to ensure that on-site technicians have access to disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer, screen cleaners, and disinfectant products.

4. Don’t require signatures- get photos instead

You may often require a signature as a work order task to ensure work orders are completed to your clients’ satisfaction. Consider requiring a photo instead. Signatures require managers to touch technicians’ phones, which can spread viruses and is contradictory to social distancing guidelines. By requesting a photo instead, you’ll still have documentation that the technician completed their assignment- and no one else will have to touch their phone.

5. Be compassionate and flexible
If a technician removes themself from a work order due to illness or health concerns—don’t panic. Thank the technician for doing the right thing by not going on-site while ill. If you have any concerns about filling your work order, the Field Nation team is here to help. We’re reallocating resources to address any potential coverage gaps, with the exception of government-mandated home lockdowns or quarantines.

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