Accounting Integration

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Are You Re-Keying? Stop It!

With the TimeLinx Accounting Package (TAP), you can eliminate time-consuming and error-prone re-entry of data across multiple applications. TAP  passes financial data both directions between accounting/ERP and TimeLinx PSM — revenues, expenses, margins, Job Cost, G/L numbers, staff data, detailed notes, and more.

Banish typing and re-keying from spreadsheets and other applications.  TimeLinx PSM will accurately calculate all appropriate costs and revenues, allow for up to 3 approvals of the work, and then pass information to your accounting/ERP system — ready for invoicing.

Consisting of an open module logic module embedded within TimeLinx PSM, TAP is purpose-built for each accounting system.  TAP can be customized to specific business requirements and links to any ERP function.  The TAP module is licensed on a system-wide basis based on the total number of licensed TimeLinx PSM users of all types.