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  • 7 Steps to Heat Up Cold Calling

    Written by – Paul Korzeniowski  Destination CRM 2020 The phone rings; the recipient instinctively looks at caller ID; the number is not familiar; the recipient ignores it; and after three or four rings the call goes to voicemail. This pattern plays out all too often for salespeople whose only strategy is the cold call—almost mindlessly […]

  • Sage CRM in 3 Minutes or Less

    Considering a new CRM system for your business but can’t find the time to do thorough research? If you are a small to mid-sized company looking for an affordable cloud-based customer relationship management solution designed to help optimize your customer experiences for new and existing client relationships, then look no further. Click the link below […]

  • What’s in Store for CRM in 2022?

    CRM Magazine January 2022 Well, 2021 happened. It was a year that began with political tumult and the pandemic’s worst stage yet; mellowed into a spring of vaccine rollouts, reopenings, and hope; and then ricocheted into a summer and fall of inflation, supply chain disruptions, and the pandemic’s (thankfully less lethal) return. But we enter 2022 cautiously […]

  • The Latest IDC Report on Field Services

    The field and customer service operation has seen a dramatic shift in the past 15 months. Due to the pandemic, the ability to physically get access to equipment or a customer site has been limited or, in some cases, restricted completely. As regions of the world reemerge into a “next normal” state at different rates, […]

  • Top 7 Field Service Trends Making Headlines in 2021

    Published in Field Point 2021 Last year was a pivotal moment in the field service industry. Companies and individuals made significant changes that allowed them to continue providing services during a global pandemic. Fortunately, field service software already existed that made it easier to adapt to the times. Many of the trends that began last […]

  • Sometimes Things Just Do Not Go As Planned : Edition 59

    You cannot open a newspaper, watch the evening news or visit any of the more popular internet news outlets and avoid information related to climate change and global warming. Unfortunately the animals that live in the significantly impacted areas of our planet don’t get the benefit of the information we have and therefore sometimes things […]

  • TimeLinx is Seeking Industry Experts to Write Guest Blogs

    Are you an industry expert in the areas of ERP, CRM, Project Management, Field Service Management or Web Marketing and looking for an opportunity to get exposure to over 40,000 industry professionals per week? If so, TimeLinx is seeking the help of colleagues, partners and clients to share their relevant experience, case studies and best […]

  • Top Enterprise Tech Tools You Need to Win as a Modern CFO

    Written by – Asavin Wattanajantra – Sage Advice What’s the outlook for the future of chief financial officers? As a CFO, do you believe you have the capabilities to maneuver your enterprise for the challenges to come? Today, you are under more pressure than ever to provide a genuine and tangible impact on your business. […]

  • Re-tooling Your Systems to Support Remote Staff

    Written by – Dan Cousins- Published in Sage Advice This article is a part of our Sage CRM series. Sage CRM extends Sage 50, Sage 100 and Sage 300 with CRM capability for sales, marketing and customer service functions in thousands of business’ around the globe. For many organizations, the dynamics of the office worker […]

  • Customer Relationships Are a Waste of Time! Is This True? What Do You Think?

    Colin Shaw – January 8, 2022 – Customer Think   How do you build a long-term relationship with customers? Tina works for an engineering company in Australia and recently joined the New Zealand office. Tina’s key focus is on Customer Experience and development, and she wants her team to change their transactional approach to customer strategy. So, […]

  • Sometimes Things Just Do Not Go As Planned : Edition 58

    During this time of year, blizzards, snow and ice storms along with gale force winds are very common. Weather like this make for very difficult travel conditions. Despite all of the efforts put in to highway safety, sometimes things just do not go as planned. Recently, a semi-truck driver tried to pass a snow plow […]

  • Trends Transforming Enterprise Resource Planning In 2022

    Lynchpin SEO- Nov 2021 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) used to be comparatively slow to change. However, recent technology trends have started an avalanche of fast changes in ERP that will require companies to update or be left behind within a few years. ERP brings a mixed bag of opportunities, complexity, options, and risk. Here are […]