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  • Qmulus Announces the Latest Release of Qnect 200

    Earlier this year, TimeLinx and Qmulus announced the formation of a strategic partnership and today, we are pleased to share that Qmulus is about to release the latest version of Qnect 200. In this release, Sage 200 and Sage CRM clients and partners will notice many new enhancements and features added to the product and […]

  • The ERP Selection Process: Building Goals Based on Your Business Drivers

    November 10, 2021- Jim Reilly Now that you’ve built your power team for the ERP selection process, what’s next? Time to begin building your case. To do that, you must first establish ERP goals based on your specific business needs. It is important to envision how the technology can be leveraged to improve activities not […]

  • Measure What Matters- 2022 Services Benchmark Report

    Published by Aquant -November 2021 An analysis of field service performance and customer satisfaction in a year of talent shortages, COVID service pivots and shifting customer demands. This comprehensive data report. Presented by Aquant analyzed how service organizations and their workforces measured up against the key industry benchmarks. Download the complete report here…

  • How an ERP ecommerce integration can help your business

    Simon Quinn November 10, 2021 An ERP ecommerce integration connects your ERP and ecommerce website. It usually includes three components: an ERP, a website, and middleware that connects them. In this article, we’ll cover how an ERP integration works, the different types of integrations, the benefits of an ERP ecommerce integration, and how to choose […]

  • Sometimes Things Just Do Not Go As Planned : Edition 51

    Flying an ultra-light aircraft is an exhilarating but risky experience. The aircraft are easily impacted by weather and have very light and fragile framework that would not provide passengers much protection in the event of an accident. Given the risks, an ultra-light pilot ( and passengers) must take every precaution before take-off to manage safety […]

  • Inforum Digital Session Catalog

    Inforum 2021 was rescheduled for January 25th – January 26th 2022 to an all-digital experience. Whether you want to make a large-scale transformation or learn how to optimize your investment, Inforum Digital offers sessions that inspire change. We’ve gathered some of the best industry experts out there to identify and address topics designed to help […]

  • Tracking Time: Why it is so Essential to Your Profitability

    By Mark Engelberg, TimeLinx – Introduction Time tracking. Just the thought of it can get employees riled up. Thoughts of micro-managing and privacy intrusion immediately spring to mind. However, time tracking is invaluable for both employers and employees, and the benefits should not be ignored. Time tracking may not be something that every company does, […]

  • Sometimes Things Just Do Not Go As Planned : Edition 50

    The United States Air Force is often recognized as the most powerful military unit on the planet. The amount of training and preparation that goes into every mission is second to none. Unfortunately, sometimes things just do not go as planned. The Air Force’s C-17 cargo plane is commonly featured in US air shows, highlighting […]

  • Deloitte Identifies the Trends Upending Marketing

    Deloitte- CRM Magazine: November 2021 The continuing COVID-19 pandemic is forcing brand leaders to holistically rethink their approaches to customer engagement and experience to remain competitive, Deloitte noted in its Global Marketing Trends Report, which identified seven trends unfolding in the marketing function. Among its findings, the report noted that companies with annual growth of […]

  • Who Ya Gunna Call? Field Services!

    Written Tom Paquin- Future of Field Service – October 2021 Because I’ll never pass up an opportunity to write a truly strange article, and I unironically love Halloween, let’s talk about Ghostbusters. I’m actually surprised that I hadn’t thought of ghostbusters previously when working my way through pop culture references. It is arguably the most […]

  • The History of Veteran’s Day

    Authored by Military.com What is Veterans Day? Veterans Day gives Americans the opportunity to celebrate the bravery and sacrifice of all U.S. veterans. However, most Americans confuse this holiday with Memorial Day, reports the Department of Veterans Affairs. What’s more, some Americans don’t know why we commemorate our Veterans on Nov.11. It’s imperative that all […]

  • OSHA Releases COVID-19 Vaccination Guidance – Here’s What to Know

    On Thursday, November 4, 2021, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) released the COVID-19 vaccination guidance, requiring employers with 100+ employees to mandate that their employees get vaccinated against COVID-19 or test for COVID-19 every week at minimum and wear a mask. In addition, the White House announced the following details All unvaccinated workers must begin wearing masks by December 5, 2021 […]