• maximize profits

    How to Maximize Profits by Joining CRM and PSA

    A project service organization’s greatest assets are its people—and they are also the most costly. When utilized effectively, your team becomes the biggest differentiator between profits and losses, right down to the project level. Obvious? Yes. Nevertheless, organizations routinely make poor utilization choices using standard project management tools.  When those tools aren’t integrated with their customer relationship management (CRM) systems, they […]

  • mobile service management

    The Benefits of Mobile Service Management on Your Phone

    Today, performing work while ‘on the move’ via mobile devices like laptops, smartphones, and tablets are common, and companies have embraced the mobile revolution by adopting enterprise business systems that integrate with mobile-based enhancements and add-on modules. In this post, we discuss the benefits of bringing full-featured mobile service management into your organization via integration […]

  • write-offs

    Are You Tired of Write-offs?

    Professional services organizations (PSOs) manage a great deal of complexity to deliver successful projects on time and within scope, and they deserve payment for completed jobs. Many PSOs, however, fail to fully complete the final stage of their projects: the billing. Because they’re moving fast to please customers, they often overlook the finer details of […]

  • quote to cash

    How Long Does It Take to Get from Quote to Cash?

    The quote to cash process is problematic in ways that negatively affect profitability. As you incorporate a more complex set of services or product-service combinations into your offerings, there are a growing number of information disconnects that can occur; each one poses a threat of revenue leakage or failure to optimize offerings and deliverables. In […]

  • turning a sale into a project

    Turning a Sale into a Project

    The mantra of ‘under promise, over deliver’ often falls to the wayside to professional services organizations (PSOs) whose salespeople are prone to promising the world to prospective clients to win a deal – but this doesn’t have to be the case. PSOs with a systematic way to scope, deliver, and manage projects can turn a […]

  • Do You Need to Know Who’s Available When You Quote a Deal?

    If your company is like most growing professional services organizations, you’re keenly aware of the juggling act that takes place when quoting new business opportunities. You want to quote the optimal timing (start date and completion date) and the right price to suit your profitability targets, but you aren’t 100% confident that the people you […]

  • Connecting the Dots… CRM to PSA to ERP

    As the world moves to browser-based applications (whether hosted on your own server or with a provider such as Amazon), it can mean that some of your applications might be on a local server in your office and others are hosted somewhere else. For example, you may have a hosted CRM (“Customer Relationship Management”) system, […]