• TimeLinx Was Accepted into Infor’s Micro-Vertical Product Program

    TimeLinx Was Accepted into Infor’s Micro-Vertical Product Program Designated as Their Solution for Project and Field Service Management. Now More Than 70,000 Infor Clients Can Easily Benefit from the Power of Timelinx. Click the Link to Read the Complete Story…

  • TimeLinx Project & Service Management for Sage CRM

    TimeLinx is proud to be a part of the Sage ISV program and an Endorsed Product in the Sage Marketplace. TimeLinx extends the features within SageCRM to Project and Service Management companies including easy integrations to most of Sage’s ERP Platforms including Sage 100, Sage 300 and Sage X3 ( Enterprise Management) Learn more…

  • Announcing the R1 for TimeLinx 2019.1 for SageCRM

    North Andover, MA March 11th, 2019 –  Announcing the first release of TimeLinx 2019.1 for Sage CRM!  Our newest version supports Sage CRM 2019 r.1 with dozens of major and minor improvements, features and fixes, including relocation of existing function buttons and addition of new smart buttons to “screen right” sharing space with the CRM buttons, […]

  • Complex Service Quotes That Go with Your Complex Products

    If your business provides services as part of your business model, you’re always quoting a variety of services related to the complex products you manufacture or resell. While standard CRM functionality almost always includes basic quoting capabilities within a sales opportunity function, it rarely has more than a high-level capability to produce complex service quotes […]

  • The Easiest Way to Streamline Field Service Interaction with Customers

    Depositphotos_150617290_s-2015-286149-edited.jpgThe paper-based forms often used by service businesses in their customer-facing field service interactions typically include information about the services performed, charges to be billed, and customer acknowledgment/acceptance of those services and charges.

    Unfortunately, field service forms are rigid and isolated – they’re difficult to adjust to evolving customer and field service needs, and their information exists in its own little world, difficult to find and utilize within your project management and CRM systems.

  • Why You Shouldn’t Use Standalone Project Management Software

    All service companies need project management software, and most of them need better project management software for one major reason: they lack one single system to unify their project data with other departments, drive project and sales activities, and learn from historical project experiences. The standalone nature of the project systems used today makes those things impossible.

    Here’s why you shouldn’t use standalone project management software.

  • 3 Types of Projects You Should Track

    When you think about making improvements to your project management methods, you should start by defining what a project is, identifying the kinds of work you perform, and understanding what data is most important.

    There are three major categories of projects you should track:

    • Internal (for your own business) projects
    • Billable external (customer) projects
    • Non-billable and fixed-fee external projects (where costs need to be monitored)
  • Asset Management and Tracking within Your Project Management System

    To provide services for assets (machinery, for example) owned by their customers, service organizations often use outdated systems that force them to deliver, install, repair, and/or provide parts for those assets using separate tools or spreadsheets. From computer software or hardware to machinery, electronics, swimming pools, restaurant equipment, trucks, or other heavy-duty equipment, customer assets […]

  • Use Subcontractors on Projects? Make it Seamless for Your Customers

    If your professional service organization (PSO) is like most, you leverage a substantial number of subcontractors to deliver successful projects. The more seamlessly you incorporate subcontractors into everything you do, the better your customer relationships will be. In this post, we describe how the right project management system will help you bill and manage subcontractors […]

  • How to Collaborate Better with Project Stakeholders

    Collaboration is optimized when you communicate well with everyone on your internal project team, so you undoubtedly want to optimize communication/collaboration with your external stakeholders as well. Projects are more successful when you can collaborate externally while continuing to maintain internal team integrity and security. This post discusses how to collaborate better with tools like Slack […]

  • Is Tracking Retainer Balances Making You Crazy?

    If your professional services organization is like many others, you collect up-front fees, commonly called retainers, from customers for work that has yet to be performed. This may be in exchange for a discount rate for services, poor credit history, or as part of your overall business model. Once received, tracking retainer balances and reporting […]