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Manufacturer BW Papersystems improves cash flow and efficiencies by deploying TimeLinx to manage their global service teams.



    BW Papersystems, an operating company of the Barry-Wehmiller Companies, is the global market leader in highspeed corrugating, finishing and sheeting machinery for the corrugated box and paper converting industries. BWP experienced delays and frustration in the methods its remote staff was using to input time on services work and expenses. With sales and service offices and parts warehouses located strategically around the globe, BWP was in need of a solution that would reduce human error and delays in processing time records and expenses for projects, while simultaneously providing better analytics.

    Management was also looking for a single-point entry system that would eliminate multiple data entry points moving the information from the field staff to approvals and then to finance for invoicing. Streamlining and automating the many validation steps needed would allow administrative staff to focus on more value-added tasks while reducing time and human error.


    BWP selected TimeLinx initially because of its unique time and expense management capabilities and the rollout was limited to the US-based teams. However, after using TimeLinx for a short time, management discovered many other benefits impacting the domestic teams and a second phase rollout was extended internationally.

    Dave Carlsen Director of Field Services

    BWP knew that their current process of having sales and service representatives e-mail time and expenses in spreadsheets to managers for approval was not only slow and tedious but error-prone and inefficient. Entry errors were sometimes not discovered until weeks or months after an engagement or project was completed, resulting in bottlenecks for their accounting staff. With over 225 field staff submitting spreadsheets on a weekly basis, BWP management was also frustrated with the additional amount of time required to re-key the data into various billing and tracking systems for invoicing and processing.

    BWP spent over a year evaluating a number of solutions based on different technologies, including a custom-built system. Ultimately they recognized that TimeLinx provided the many benefits needed by integrating their entire project management functions, including time and expense management, into their CRM system. Managing all customer equipment, installation details, and project data in one consolidated system made sense.

    “TimeLinx has been a great win for us.
    We were able to keep our existing CRM
    system with virtually no disruption to
    our sales or support teams”

    Since TimeLinx was implemented, BWP has been able to significantly reduce the number of errors resulting from manually re-keying information. And they have reduced the amount of time required to process invoices for expenses. “Before TimeLinx, it could take us weeks to get invoices out. Now, we are able to generate invoices and process expense reimbursements in under one week,” said Dave Carlsen, Director of Field Services.

    “By integrating TimeLinx into our CRM system, managers at all levels and locations are able to review time and expenses on demand for all staff and projects. Managers can approve time and expenses without the delays associated with waiting for and reviewing multiple spreadsheets,” said Carlsen.

    TimeLinx also provides BWP with valuable business intelligence data. Project managers are leveraging this data to optimize projects for increased overall efficiency and profitability. More proactive management during engagements rather than after completion has positively impacted performance results. TimeLinx has changed the entire mechanism of delivering work around the globe and provided a much needed integrated project management system.

    The positive results have been many:

    • Real-time management of time and expenses
    • Reduced time needed to reimburse expenses
    • Increased visibility into performance of services
    • Improved business intelligence
    • Better statistics and metrics for reporting
    • Improved cash flow, invoicing from weeks to days
    • Reduction in staff data entry time with no re-keying
    • Accurate data entry in one pass

    Adding TimeLinx to BWP’s CRM system has created a true Service Management system for the company to manage projects and profitability with greater detail and control. “We no longer have weeks that will go by before we can find and correct errors in recorded time on an engagement,” said Carlsen. “We can identify and remedy errors in real time to provide improved response to our customers.”
    “Also, as TimeLinx is handing global currency conversions in real-time, the processing and calculations we had to do to invoice customers and reimburse staff expenses while also dealing with data errors was intolerable. That entire process and problem is gone. And, as the accuracy has improved and more details can be provided to customers, we are receiving less questions and faster payments on our invoices.”

    “The TimeLinx deployment team was instrumental in defining how we could maximize our use of the product,” said Sue Nessman-Rogers, IT Project Manager.

  • “Over time, we discovered we had many unique requirements and were able to re-define, and in some cases add functionality. Today, we have a system that has embraced our worldwide teams with a level of completeness that we didn’t think possible”

    Prior to TimeLinx, BWP had two finance staff dedicated solely to re-keying time and expenses for revenue and cost calculations into multiple spreadsheets before they could be re-keyed once again into the accounting system for billing. Now, BWP staff enter their time from anywhere in the world in real time, without complicated spreadsheets and formulas.

    The formulas built into the TimeLinx Profit Optimization Engine™ automatically calculates the correct revenues and costs for each segment of work, factoring in overtimes, day of week, time of day, location, weekends, holidays, currency, country, regions, and other factors, all user-defined by BWP within the system. Administrative staff is no longer needed to manipulate complex rate sheets as they previously did with spreadsheets. Expenses and billable time are entered directly into TimeLinx for immediate visibility, alert notifications are sent to managers by TimeLinx for approval, and then the data is exported into billing.

    BWP has been able to reduce delays while dramatically increasing efficiency for both inside and outside staff. In the field, the staff love the difference the system has made for them over choosing the correct rows and cells to get time entered correctly, and dealing with the many calculations involved in highly complicated rate and costing structures. TimeLinx even handles calculating labor costs for staff that are paid for working on non-work days (unique for each country) such as weekends and national holidays. The result: paychecks are produced and processed in full within the same pay period.

    TimeLinx provides BW Papersystems’ management with the business intelligence needed to effectively run their business and company leaders are no longer tasked with the original level of complexity in managing a remote workforce. Better visibility into profitability and efficiency for remote workers has allowed BWP to better align its resources at both the individual and regional level. The rollout of TimeLinx has given BWP the ability to scale the business to new levels of services without fear of overload and multiplication of back office work.

    “The TimeLinx solution also continues to grow, as have our services and our company,” said Carlsen. “And that’s the whole point.”

    Dave Carlsen, Director of Field Services

    Dave began his career with BW Papersystems as an R&D Technician and quickly moved into new roles by helping others and striving for continuious improvement. He has spent the last 15 years in a leadership role dedicated to discovering creative solutions to problems for BWP’s teams.

    As Director of Field Services, Dave manages over 225 service and support team members globally, supporting over 1500 customers with an installation base of 12,000 machine footprint valued at over $2.2 billion. The BWP field service team travels around the world installing, upgrading, and servicing the install base.

    About BW Papersystems

    BW Papersystems combines extremely strong brands, innovative technologies and longstanding experience for the paper and board sheeting and converting industry as well as for the corrugating industry. Our companies Will-Pemco, MarquipWardUnited, SHM, Wrapmatic, and Kugler-Womako offer market leading technology for folio-size, cut-size and digital-size sheeting and packaging of paper, board and other materials as well as stationery, passport production and specialized paper converting applications.

    For the corrugating and finishing industries, customers rely on the well-known brands MarquipWardUnited, Curioni and VortX for full corrugators in a variety of configurations, reliable rotary die cutters or flexo folder gluers as well as starch mixing systems. With manufacturing plants in USA and Europe, parts and service centers in the USA, Germany, Mexico, Brazil, Singapore and Shanghai, and exceptional and amazing people working all over the world, BWP is at your side with great products and comprehensive services.

    About TimeLinx Software

    TimeLinx Software, Inc. was founded in 2001 to provide comprehensive time and project management functionality within popular CRM systems. TimeLinx’s various software products integrate time tracking, expense management, project management, resource scheduling, contracts, calendaring, and more to provide an integrated view of client relationships.

    TimeLinx applications eliminate paper and multiple applications to streamline the processes of managing services in industries including manufacturing, consulting,
    technology, engineering, architecture and others. Additionally, TimeLinx manages complex rate and cost structure calculations using a proprietary Profit Optimization
    EngineTM that auto-posts approved time and expenses into various ERP systems without re-typing.