Can Section 179 Save you Thousands?

  • New for 2019: More Tax Benefits for You

    One of the most powerful impacts of the recent Tax Code & Jobs Act (TCJA) is the way it makes Section 179 of the U.S. tax code work for your business—with the potential to save you thousands or even hundreds of thousands in expenses.

    If the idea of delving into tax law doesn’t thrill you, dont worry! We crunced the numbers for you—and summarizd key takeaways in our infographic.

  • The Deduction Limit Is Now Up to $3,500,000 for Purchased/ Leased/ Financed Software & Equipment
    The TCJA not only increased the total cost you can deduct in equipment expenses—inluding financed and leased equipment—it also expanded the types of business equipment whose costs you can deduct.

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  • The Bonus Depreciation Is Now $2,500,000
    The bonus depreciation hs increased to 100% for 2019. So after you’ve used your deduction to lower the purchase price of new equipment—whether financed or leased—you can take an additional bonus depreciation deduction of 100% of what remains.

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  • Financing Equipment Can Boost Your Bottom Line—Now More Than Ever
    With the increased power of Section 179, leasing or financing equipment is more profitable. The TCJA’s new rules allow businesses to deduct the full cost of purchased, leased or financed equipment and software in the year those purchases are made. That means leasing or financing equipment and software can actually increase your cash for the fiscal year.

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