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CS3 Technology implements TimeLinx™ to extend value of CRM; Solves all its time capture, billing and project management objectives



    Professional Services firm CS3 Technology – providing Enterprise Resource Planning and Human Resource Management System solutions – had been experiencing challenges with its time management and service billing systems. The Tulsa, Oklahoma company had been using one system to track project work and another system to track support issues, resulting in double entry by consultants within multiple applications. With the recent acquisition of a new company, a third time-entry application was introduced.

    Compounding the situation, none of the systems communicated with one another, requiring manual balancing and re-keying of data. “It was a real fight to get billing done on a timely and accurate basis,” explained Shawn P. Slavin, vice president of consulting.


    After investigating a number of alternatives, CS3 Technology chose to implement TimeLinx™, embedded within the company’s CRM system. TimeLinx added functionality to combine all time entry from project work and customer support with project management. The resulting system met all of the management team’s objectives:

    • A single point of entry for all consulting, service and support work.
    • Invoicing that is generated via approved time capture, facilitating fast, accurate billing.
    • A single repository for all customer information, including sales, service, support, contracts, resources, documents, and project management.
    • Complete visibility into client, service, support, and project information by anyone in the organization to improve customer satisfaction.
    • A single, stable and scalable application that utilizes an enterprise-level database, Microsoft SQL Server, to facilitate continued business growth.


    Before implementing TimeLinx “we followed the same advice we give our own clients,” Slavin said:
    1. Establish reasonable, written goals.
    2. Identify measurable, not subjective, objectives.
    3. Carefully review and document all relevant internal processes. This includes both existing processes as well as new processes that leverage Best Practices (provided by TimeLinx).

    “Keep an open mind about change,” Slavin advised. “Everyone thinks their own baby is perfect. By staying open-minded and working with our TimeLinx consultant, we were able to improve the way we do things, implementing new business processes that give us a competitive advantage today. “

    In many ways, choosing TimeLinx was easy. At CS3, the sales team had recently implemented our CRM system “so it made perfect sense to extend the CRM into Support and Project Management,” noted Renee Stell, accounting consulting manager. “During that process, we received good on site and phone support from TimeLinx who managed the conversion and integration of our various systems,” she said.

    Shawn P. Slavin

    Shawn P. Slavin

    Both Slavin and Stell said the new system came with unexpected benefits. Using the Accounting Integration Platform, CS3 was able to integrate TimeLinx. Invoice and statement clarity have improved greatly. CS3 also was able to implement electronic invoice distribution. These improvements have resulted in faster delivery of invoices, reduced calls for clarification from customers, and improved collections. In addition, because TimeLinx data is readily accessible within the CRM system, CS3 was able to implement tailored reporting and data monitoring systems of their projects and service calls to manage and improve key performance statistics.

  • TimeLinx’s ability to integrate service-ticket management with time entry has improved activity tracking on open service tickets, Stell said. “With our old systems, we tracked service tickets in one system and did time entry in another. Because the two systems didn’t communicate, a consultant had to record activity on a service ticket in both systems. Not only was this process time consuming and clunky; we frequently found missing entries between the two.

    Renee Stell Accounting Consulting Manager

    Renee Stell
    Accounting Consulting Manager

    The end result was incomplete documentation of work performed and, ultimately, missed time and lost revenues. We also had difficulty in reporting and answering client inquiries.”

    CS3 finds the TimeLinx Reporter system both simple to use and powerful. “We can look at profitability of any project, what tickets remain open and for how long, with billing and profitability history for all work types, consultants, and clients,” Slavin said.

    “CS3 understood and agreed with our vision at TimeLinx that all client data belongs in as few systems as possible” said Mark Engelberg, TimeLinx president. “TimeLinx allows our clients delivering professional services to take advantage of integrated information. It produces improvements in efficiency, accuracy, and gives a 360-degree holistic view of your customer relationships. TimeLinx has allowed CS3 to take advantage of this concept. It makes perfect sense and has been a great success for CS3”.

    About CS3 Technology

    CS3 Technology (www.CS3Technology.com) offers business management consulting services to companies wanting to increase internal efficiencies through proven technology applications. CS3’s two-pronged approach features up-front due diligence, ensuring a successful Implementation.

    CS3 has extensive experience in business processes, employee benefits and information technology. Its consultants have a shared skill set of relevant experience and product expertise. CS3 has opted to work primarily with products developed by Sage. Most recently CS3 has been recognized with the elite Chairman’s Club recognition from Sage and recognized nationally as a Technology Pacesetter.

    It is actively involved in the American Institute of CPAs, the Information Technology Alliance, the Sage Leadership Academy’s Alumni Association, the HRMS Group, and the Oklahoma Society of CPAs. For more information regarding CS3 Technology visit: www.cs3technology.com.

    About TimeLinx Software

    TimeLinx Software, Inc. was founded in 2001 to provide comprehensive time and project management functionality within popular CRM systems. TimeLinx’s various software products integrate time tracking, expense management, project management, resource scheduling, contracts, calendaring, and more to provide an integrated view of client relationships.

    TimeLinx applications eliminate paper and multiple applications to streamline the processes of managing services in industries including manufacturing, consulting, technology, engineering, architecture and others.

    Additionally, TimeLinx manages complex rate and cost structure calculations using a proprietary Profit Optimization
    EngineTM that auto-posts approved time and expenses into various ERP systems without re-typing.

    For information about TimeLinx, please visit