Customer Service and Support

Customer Service and Support are Different for Project Businesses.

Every good CRM system includes the ability to manage the customer support or customer service incident side of your business. After all, service to the customer is part of the relationship and makes perfect sense. Project and services businesses need visibility to support costs by project, not just by customer or product line.

TimeLinx PSM has expanded Tickets (Infor CRM) or Cases (Sage CRM) to include the ability to capture the costs associated with each individual person on your staff providing those services. TimeLinx PSM not only captures the costs and time, it also adds them to fields that track financials by project.

There are three mechanisms in TimeLinx for delivering work: Project Tasks, Cases/Tickets, and Defects.

TimeLinx Projects have Tasks which usually represent “proactive” work. They are proactive because in a Project we know what we need to deliver and can schedule it, assign it to people or departments by skills or availability, manage the costs and revenues, Gantt chart it, and more. Task data can pass into an ERP for billing, payroll, job costing, and more. Tasks can automatically have costs and revenues associated as part of the Projects mechanism.

TimeLinx Cases/Tickets are “reactive” – on the fly – as in, “Help, we need something.” Break-fix it’s often called. With TimeLinx you can convert the time spent on a Case/Ticket to a Cost or a Revenue. In either Infor CRM or Sage CRM, native Cases/Tickets functions cannot do that.

TimeLinx auto-links the Cases/Tickets to a Project, si those Cases/Tickets have actual dollars and cents calculated (or pounds, francs, dirhams, shekels, etc.). You can measure if your annual support fees are profitable or not, per customer. Reporting by support person shows who is bringing revenues and who’s costing the most, and who is most productive at fixing problems.

TimeLinx for Infor CRM also supports our third mechanism for time/expense capture, the Defects module. For businesses that manufacture products, including software and capital goods industries, money gets associated with the time spent fixing bugs or product defects. This makes calculating warranty and repair costs straightforward.

Standard systems typically allow you to manage only incidents and remediation, not costs. They are designed to be used where product support costs are lumped into general overhead. Neither Infor CRM nor Sage CRM platforms system natively captures costs of the people delivering customer support.