FAQs About TimeLinx PSA for Sage CRM

Q. Is TimeLinx PSA a separate application that must be integrated with Sage CRM?

A. No, TimeLinx PSA operates completely within Sage CRM – the functionality of TimeLinx PSA is built using the Sage CRM development tools. TimeLinx PSA uses the same database as the core CRM system. The TimeLinx PSA Mobile client is built using HTML5 to accommodate all tablets and smart phones while still using the advanced logic of the core TimeLinx PSA system.

Q. Are there any additional hardware, software, or memory considerations that we need to plan for?

A. No. Since TimeLinx PSA runs completely inside of Sage CRM, there are no additional requirements needed. There are no additional servers or memory to purchase, and there is no additional client software to install on workstations. When using an additional TimeLinx PSA module such as Mobile, additional technology may be necessary.

Q. Are the tables that store data for TimeLinx PSA separate from the data tables that store information for my CRM system?

A. No. TimeLinx PSA is built entirely within the existing CRM database structure, and is created using the Sage-provided tools. There is no synchronization or passing of any data from one system to another as the TimeLinx PSA system is truly part of the Sage CRM database. There is virtually no difference between factory, custom, and TimeLinx PSA tables. Therefore, all reporting and integrations are easily done within the one system.

Q. Can we customize TimeLinx PSA to our specific needs?

A. Yes, the parts that are visible to users can be customized. TimeLinx PSA screens and data tables can generally be customized using the same development tools. The core logic of the system that drives all of the calculations, revenue, and costing logic are proprietary and cannot be modified without our involvement and/or additional development tools. This is consistent with the core functionality of Sage CRM. We work with your team to customize the application to your needs where possible.

Q. How will the installation of TimeLinx PSA affect customizations we have made to our system already?

A. Most of TimeLinx PSA is new functionality with new tables, screens and logic that will have no impact on your existing modifications, database, or data. However, there are some areas that will be impacted and require some merging of our code with yours. However, these are minor code changes made during your implementation.

Q. How does TimeLinx PSA user licensing work?

A. Only users using TimeLinx PSA functions need a TimeLinx PSA license. Sage CRM users who do not deal with Projects, Time, or Expenses will not need a TimeLinx PSA license

Q. Does TimeLinx PSA support both Named and Concurrent Users?

A. Yes, but the TimeLinx PSA User license is only a Named license.

Q. We’re interested in integrating TimeLinx PSA with our accounting system. How does licensing work?

A. The TimeLinx Accounting Package (“TAP”) consists of a core logic module embedded within TimeLinx that is custom-designed for each specific accounting system. It is an open module that can be customized to specific requirements or link to specific ERP modules.  The TAP module is licensed on a system-wide basis based on the total number of licensed TimeLinx users of all types.