Gantt Charts

Thank You, Henry Gantt

Where would the world be without project Gantt charts, the ability to visualize and interactively move work around to fit a schedule among multiple projects with multiple people? TimeLinx PSM takes this concept a few steps further by including not just the ability to manage tasks and resources, but also schedules, time capture, filters and other features that make this a more sophisticated way to deliver work.

Watch this Video (1:27) from our Sage CRM platform:

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How to get started using GANTT charts
This quick read will get you started using GANTT charts, whether they are in TimeLinx or any other software.

How to use Baseline and Critical Path features in TimeLinx
The mysteries of Baseline and Critical Path functions are explained in this easy-to-digest article. New for 2022 in TimeLinx, it’s part of our latest GANTT version on all our CRM platforms.