Important Note to TimeLinx Clients and Business Partners Regarding Covid 19

The team at TimeLinx takes the responsibility of serving our clients and partners very seriously as we know they depend on us — especially during challenging times like these. With COVID-19 evolving daily, we are evaluating what we must do to meet the needs of our customers and partners while paying special attention to our employees and staff. Our leadership team is meeting daily, assessing all current data and making the best decisions possible with the information that is available. We will provide updates through our website, blog, social media and digital newsletter as we deem appropriate.

In the spirit of corporate responsibility, we will also be making the following changes to support the requests of local, state and federal government officials:

  • Promoting Social Distancing/Work from Home:
    Employees will be encouraged to maintain distance between each other in common areas. Our external communication will encourage others to follow this recommended practice.
  • Paperless Business Practices:
    In an effort to limit contact and the potential spread of germs, we will make every effort to operate under paperless business practices. We will encourage clients and vendors to transact business electronically through credit cards and electronic payment methods.
  • Supporting Existing Clients and Partners:
    We will make every effort to conduct internal business leveraging the products and services of existing partners. We want to demonstrate loyalty and appreciation of our long lasting business partnerships.
  • Promoting Open Communication:
    We will provide regular communication about additional changes to the business. Leadership welcomes all communication and suggestions.

Lastly, we are currently exploring any opportunities to offer new products and services that can benefit our clients and partners during the difficult time. To stay informed, we encourage everyone to follow our digital newsroom, blog and social media outlets.

We wish health and safety first for everyone and hopeful speedy ending to this very challenging time in our history…

The TimeLinx Leadership Team.

Jeff, Mark & John

# # #

About TimeLinx
TimeLinx delivers innovative project & service management software as a complete solution that perfects the sell-track-manage-support-bill cycle that services organizations must have to delight their customers; TimeLinx brings the cycle together in a single application that offers less frustration, better project management, complete reporting, and improved profitability – all specially designed for Infor and Sage.