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TimeLinx transformed InSource Solution’s CRM system into a complete professional services management solution.



    InSource Solutions – a national organization that offers a broad array of software products to help manufacturing companies be more productive and profitable – was successfully using a CRM tool to manage their customer relationships, sales opportunities, and customer technical support. However, there was no functionality for assessing pre-sales time and out-of-pocket expenses incurred for prospecting time. Management recognized the need for a solution to better manage these activities. While using spreadsheets or a non-integrated application was a possibility, it was clear that a single solution within CRM was preferred to avoid duplicate data entry.

    Also, the company wanted an improved process to track and manage time, expenses, and project workflow for its Services Division. Without visibility into the status of work being delivered, InSource sales teams and project managers had limited information into what specific tasks were causing projects to run over-budget. InSource leadership recognized that they needed better visibility into time management. With only a limited number of potential hours to be recovered on any individual project, project profitability was continuously in jeopardy. And with many complex projects being delivered at the same time, a streamlined process was needed to set up and manage all work in an efficient manner.

    A solution that would take them seamlessly from opportunity identification to project delivery was the answer. They looked for a solution that worked within their CRM to link all of their customer’s information within one system. Their first stop was to ask their Authorized Business Partner for a recommendation, and they were introduced to TimeLinx.


    Management immediately saw that the integration of TimeLinx within CRM would provide total visibility into “profit management” for every project, as well as time and expense management and cost capture from the beginning of the pre-sales process to the completion of the engagement. By reducing time spent on non-value-added tasks and activities, more time could be spent on value-added services for customers.

    Now, more than six years later, TimeLinx has proven to be a turnkey solution for the InSource Pre-Sales Team and Services. Divisions where project and time management are critical for overall efficiency.

    TimeLinx has allowed InSource to:

    • Track time and costs incurred during the pre-sales process of on-site visits, demos, and proposals
    • Control profit margins from day one of a project engagement
    • Provide sales management greater visibility into sales performance
    • Understand and manage the complete customer relationship within one system
    • Control and manage the financial performance of every engagement from beginning to end
    • Obtain accurate metrics for reporting

    Tom Barczak, CIO

    “TimeLinx has allowed us to break down and understand our overall processes and workflow. We can focus on areas that are not profitable,” said Tom Barczak, Chief Information Officer. “We use TimeLinx company-wide but primarily for tracking and managing projects and time management for our services department. It has allowed us to have a 360° view of our clients.”


    In addition to time and expense management, TimeLinx has also allowed InSource to see the true cost of running a service organization. Greater visibility and proactive management have allowed InSource to scale its service business to accommodate larger engagements than before, without additional risk to profitability.

    “TimeLinx has allowed us to have a 360o view of our clients…”


    “TimeLinx has transformed our CRM system into a complete professional services management system,” said Ted Felouzis. “We are providing more accurate estimates of required services and better tracking and budgeting of the actual delivery. Managing this with TimeLinx has been critical to our success.”


    “We’ve been able to provide better service to our customers by focusing on the tasks and work flow procedures that matter not only to our clients but to our bottom line,” said Mr. Barczak.


    Ted Felouzis, PM

    Better business intelligence and efficiencies have allowed InSource Solutions to scale and grow its business, while TimeLinx’ user defined templates system have allowed it to do so without additional strain on resources. Using complicated models for building projects meant InSource staff previously spent significant time and energy on creating various projects. TimeLinx templates for projects and tasks now allow InSource to easily manage and anticipate expenses as well as allocate time and resources with a straight forward and easy-to-use system.

    InSource staff continues to grow and leverage TimeLinx for its project and service delivery needs. InSource management anticipates incorporating more functionality and features into other areas of InSource’s operations, resulting in even greater visibility and profitability for the company.

    Tom Barczak, Chief Information Officer

    Mr. Barczak has been with InSource Solutions from its inception. As a business strategist, IT strategist, IT functional leader, technology advocate, and change agent, Mr. Barczak is responsible for aligning the IT systems and infrastructure with the business strategy. He has over 25 years of experience in sales, marketing, and developing deployment strategies of packaged manufacturing process control applications and automated laboratory systems. Mr. Barczak has a Bachelor of Business Administration from Loyola College.

    Ted Felouzis, Program Manager

    Mr. Felouzis has been with InSource for over five years. As Program Manager he is responsible for defining software development lifecycle (SDLC) processes to be utilized on InSource’s larger system integration projects. He also wears hats as a business analyst and project manager for multiple projects. Mr. Felouzis has worked in the design, development and installation of manufacturing software system solutions for over 25 years.

    Prior to working for InSource, he held management positions at one of the largest systems integration companies in the US and held a similar position at one of England’s largest system integrators, where his institution of a SDLC process was audited and accepted by two FDA regulated companies.

    About InSource Solutions

    InSource Solutions helps manufacturers be more productive and profitable. They leverage software (such as Wonderware), IT hardware (designed for harsh environments), services (to ensure correct implementation) and consulting (to establish production management systems that ensure improvements will stick. InSource has helped countless businesses improve their operational and productivity-based processes by implementing a solution strategy that maximizes technology investments.

    About TimeLinx Software

    TimeLinx Software, Inc. was founded in 2001 to provide comprehensive time and project management functionality within popular CRM systems. TimeLinx’s various software products integrate time tracking, expense management, project management, resource scheduling, contracts, calendaring, and more to provide an integrated view of client relationships.

    TimeLinx applications eliminate paper and multiple applications to streamline the processes of managing services in industries including manufacturing, consulting, technology, engineering, architecture and others. Additionally, TimeLinx manages complex rate and cost structure calculations using a proprietary Profit Optimization
    EngineTM that auto-posts approved time and expenses into various ERP systems without re-typing.