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Naviant adds TimeLinx to CRM, creating a single, seamless process from lead generation to invoice.
  • Dislodging and disrupting an established CRM system is a challenge for any company. Disrupting an ERP system is even worse. Naviant Inc., a global provider of Enterprise Content Management Solutions, was fully committed to their CRM system and realized there would be many benefits if they could also leverage it to manage the delivery of customer projects.

    Naviant’s support team works exclusively in the field and although Naviant’s customer-base is primarily US-based, their service teams deliver work around the globe 24/7 with complex task billing and cost structures.

    Previously using a standalone system for tracking time, Naviant management was frustrated with inaccurate data as the remote staff struggled with a cumbersome time recording process. As projects increased in size, capturing time with complex rates and cost parameters with larger projects was becoming more and more difficult. The additional work for the finance staff to rekey the data for billing, along with project details and related customer information, was both a costly additional step and process bottleneck. Understanding work profitability in real-time before it was “too late” was becoming increasingly and critically important to the health of Naviant’s Professional Services Division.

    With their customer information from sales and marketing efforts already residing within their CRM system, management recognized that the best solution would be to keep all functions within a single, integrated system. If it were possible, adding project management capabilities with time and expense capture functionality and approvals inside CRM would eliminate the need for rekeying data, would create minimal disruption to their back-office operations, and provide a seamless handoff from sales to delivery while providing a company-wide view of what was happening out in the field.

    An even loftier goal was to pass the collected time and expense data to their existing ERP system for billing, A/R, A/P, and G/L purposes. The resulting continuous process would greatly improve business profitability.


    A number of commercial software products as well as the option to build a custom solution were under consideration. After researching these choices, the company found they could achieve all these benefits and more without replacing CRM or their ERP system.

    The market leader in service management solutions in the CRM market has long been TimeLinx, and Naviant found no other options that were comparable. The ease-of-use for the field staff, the comprehensive nature of accurate data collection, integrated scheduling and Gantt-based task assignments, complete customer support functions and ERP integration were the primary reasons why TimeLinx was selected.


    Since deploying in 2012, TimeLinx has enabled Naviant to:

    • Accurately track and manage time spent on projects
    • Easily manage complex and changing rates on a global
    • Dramatically simplify and improve business processes
    • Proactively manage profitability of work on a daily basis
    • Successfully deliver larger projects without stretching
      their resources
    • Leverage their existing CRM and ERP investments
    • Quickly implement a robust solution with virtually no
      learning curve and with minimal disruption.

    Michael Carr, CFO

    Today, TimeLinx provides Naviant with detailed reporting of actual versus budgeted time on work performed, staff utilization numbers, and with the included TimeLinx Profit Optimization Engine™, automatically calculates the correct amounts to be invoiced to customers while applying the correct costs based on the staff person actually performing the work. TimeLinx also automatically calculates overtime and weekend work, after hours, regional pricing, and even the correct billing rates based on the skillset or resource level being deployed.

    Michael Carr, Naviant’s CFO, says “TimeLinx has been a great win for us. We were able to keep our existing CRM system with virtually no disruption to our sales or support teams.”

    “TimeLinx has been a great win for us.
    We were able to keep our existing CRM
    system with virtually no disruption to
    our sales or support teams”

    TimeLinx has allowed Naviant to take on larger projects by eliminating manual time and expense entry on all projects. The increased efficiency and accuracy allows Naviant management to have a real-time view of how resources are being allocated, where under-utilization may be occurring, and use that data to improve project profitability while the project is still being delivered.

  • being allocated, where under-utilization may be occurring, and use that data to improve project profitability while the project is still being delivered.

    Because TimeLinx is invisible to an CRM-only user (not a TimeLinx user), Naviant was able to implement and fully adopt TimeLinx rapidly without the need to retrain users. The faster utilization meant immediate cost-savings, minimal confusion for Naviant’s staff, and virtually no disruption to the business.


    Vicky Coyne Project Manager

    TimeLinx’s flexibility was also seen by management as an important element. “As a career Project Manager, I appreciate the flexibility that TimeLinx brings. We are able to use the system the way we want to run our business rather than being restricted to the way the system dictates,” says Vicky Coyne, Project Manager. “We also see how the flexibility will allow us to expand over time without needing to implement a new system and start all over again.”

    TimeLinx was able to deliver a robust system that provided exactly what Naviant needed – transformative project management capabilities embedded within their CRM system that accurately captured all work performed and automatically calculated the correct rates and costs regardless of the working situation. As TimeLinx also syncs the job revenues and costs into their ERP system, it also transformed their finance operations and sped up invoicing, meeting all their goals.

    Michael Carr, CFO

    As Chief Financial Officer at Naviant, Michael Carr brings more than 25 years of financial literacy and business acumen to the enterprise content management industry. As a top-line revenue thought leader, Michael provides a fresh perspective to help businesses grow and achieve measurable results while maintaining a healthy strong bottom line.

    As an adjunct professor at Concordia University for Business & Finance, Michael has a passion for sharing his knowledge and perspective on the importance of sound business practices. Michael resides on the Board for Financial Executives International (Madison Chapter), is an active member within the WICPA, and has held various leadership roles at the Asbury United Methodist Church. Michael earned his MBA from University of Wisconsin-Madison, and his BBA in Accounting from Iowa State University. Go Cyclones!

    Vicky Coyne, Project Manager

    Vicky has spent 20 years in project management with a primary focus in healthcare. She is responsible for largescale software implementations and specializes in business process improvement and enterprise content management solutions across any industry. She hold a BBA degree from the University of Iowa.

    About Naviant Corporation:

    Naviant is the business process management provider to executives requiring innovative and complete solutions to critical process and document flow challenges. Founded in 1986 and headquartered in Verona WI, the company has rapidly grown to include an international customer base.

    Naviant’s experts bring years of strategic business experience and use a comprehensive methodology to achieve specific enterprise goals through document process improvement. Naviant is a leading, certified solutions integrator and support provider for best-in-class enterprise content management solutions and technologies.

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    About TimeLinx Software

    TimeLinx Software, Inc. was founded in 2001 to provide comprehensive time and project management functionality within popular CRM systems. TimeLinx’s various software products integrate time tracking, expense management, project management, resource scheduling, contracts, calendaring, and more to provide an integrated view of client relationships.

    TimeLinx applications eliminate paper and multiple applications to streamline the processes of managing services in industries including manufacturing, consulting, technology, engineering, architecture and others. Additionally, TimeLinx manages complex rate and cost structure calculations using a proprietary Profit Optimization EngineTM that auto-posts approved time and expenses into various ERP systems without re-typing.

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