New in TimeLinx PSM – Pre-Sales Labor Tracking

How often do you deploy expensive resources to research information or solution requirements for a prospect or customer in order to produce a quotation. In fact, many of TimeLinx’ customers spend days to weeks and months to put all the details together for large projects. Perhaps just putting the quote itself together takes a lot of time, even after the expensive consultants and engineers have provided all the numbers and specs needed for your quote staff or salespeople to create and deliver the actual quote.

So wouldn’t you like to know what all that time is costing your company? Whether you win the deal or not? Wouldn’t it make sense to understand and factor in those labor costs as part of your calculation towards the final quote. Maybe it would even be valuable to include that cost as part of the overall project cost analysis when you win and deliver the work by keeping those costs within, but separated, the final work project?

Well now in TimeLinx for Sage CRM, we have added new capabilities to easily and automatically do all of that.

After a new Opportunity is identified, a pre-sales Project can be triggered to keep track of all labor costs even before any work has started and the Opportunity is still open. Users can add their time within the CRM browser interface or in TimeLinx SmartMobile ™ or TimeGrid™ that will directly link and apply to the Opportunity, and will be visible in detail from within the web browser’s Opportunity Summary screen. Salespeople and management can watch, report and analyze time and costs expended, and when the time comes to provide a quote, make a determination whether to factor those costs into your final quote.

It’s simple and easy and now a part of the newest versions of TimeLinx for Sage CRM, at no additional cost. When you are ready for your next upgrade, you’ll find the new features waiting for you!

Which brings to mind our new QuoteLinx for Sage CRM and TimeLinx, integrating powerful quoting and configuration system (CPQ) for Sage CRM including electronic delivery, acceptance, and payment, all in real-time!

Please inquire for a demonstration of these powerful new features!! You’ll be glad you did.