Pre-Sales Costs Accrue to Projects; Promises Map Into Project Plans

Understanding your actual cost of winning a deal includes awareness of pre-sales. Proposing one-off and customized projects mean sending specialized individuals to a site to measure, analyze or otherwise provide specifications for work to be provided. Those resources can be costly. Unlike salespeople who earn commissions, pre-sales technicians earn the same rate whether you win the project or not. TimeLinx PSM makes this easy by tracking all pre-sales hours and expenses by project opportunity right from the beginning of the effort.

Your pre-sales experts also gather critical information that must be incorporated into plans for projects that you win. Here is where TimeLinx PSM’s continuity of information can make the difference between a successful project and an unhappy client. Promises are easier to keep when you record every detail in TimeLinx PSM. Only PSM systems that are built into CRM can achieve this kind of continuity.