For Project and Service Managers

Are you effectively managing Projects and Resources?

As a project or service manager, do you ask yourself:

  • Can I guarantee that I have accounted for all project revenues and costs?
  • Am I effectivley utilizing all resources and have I optimized my workforce scheduling?
  • Am I delivering on my projects in the most effective and efficient manner?
  • Are my projects meeting their objectives, milestones and deadlines?

You owe it to yourself to learn more about TimeLinx software and the benefits of creating end-to-end project management within your CRM solution.

TimeLinx will eliminate duplicate data entry, automate numerous functions and give you complete visibility into:

  • What’s due.
  • What’s billable.
  • What needs to be scheduled.
  • Which employees are underutilized.
  • How long specific tasks are taking.
  • What’s behind schedule.
  • Which clients are most profitable.
  • Which staff are most/least profitable.

See for youself.  Get better control of your company operations.  We will be happy to schedule a remote TimeLinx demo. Click here to contact us and we’ll be in touch to review your requirements.