InboxGuru Marketing Automation for Infor CRM




InboxGuru is software built for marketers at companies that use Infor CRM. The application works directly with the Infor CRM database without back-and-forth data synchronization to provide key marketing and sales functionality including:

  • Email Marketing
  • Forms, Surveys, and Landing Pages
  • Nurture and Drip Marketing
  • Website Visitor Tracking
  • Sales Enablement
  • Event Management
  • Marketing Asset Publishing and Tracking

InboxGuru is 100% native to Infor CRM. Because of this, you are able to work directly with, in real-time, both Dynamic and Ad-hoc Groups that you’ve built. As dynamic groups change every day you’re your contact data, InboxGuru automatically uses the Groups to add new contacts to the beginning of every automated campaign that is relevant, as they appear, without ANY user intervention.

InboxGuru does not need to sync your contacts or leads. Dynamic and ad-hoc groups are used in real-time and use each group’s field layouts for merging CRM data into email campaign content, driving personalization and highly relevant content to your CRM database. This critical feature also allows you to use CRM and its other modules such as ERP and Invoice to define a marketing list. This is patently unique to InboxGuru.

InboxGuru is also integrated with ANY website, with landing page codes that will add the information supplied by a prospect directly into the CRM database. With website visitor tracking recorded back to the database, you’ll know exactly what pages (and more) prospects are visiting.

InboxGuru is installed in the menu in Infor CRM. You never have to leave Infor for anything.