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Edition Comparison

Corporate EditionPremier EditionEnterprise Edition
All Access (Full User) License
Attendance Tracking
Tickets Integration
Outlook/Exchange Integration (via CRM)
ION IntegrationOptionOption
Gantt Charts/Resource Allocations
Regional Holiday Calendars
Multi-CurrencyExpenses OnlyProjects & Expenses
Non-Working Days
Project Budgeting
Project Attachments
Project Contracts
Project FinancialsMulti-Currency
Project Sites
Project Resource Skill Levels
Projects – Parent/Child
Projects – Insert Linked Project Groups
Project Retainers
Project TasksAdvancedAdvanced
Project Task Audit
Project Task Checklists
Project/Ticket Time EntryManual Overtime – Rev onlyAutomated OT Rev & Cost
Project Expense EntryMulti-CurrencyMulti-Currency
Variable Rates & CostsSkills/Certifications + Automated Overtime
Regions/Countries/Time Zone Settings
Resource Management
Profit Optimization Engine™Multi-Region
Service Query System
WebCalendar SchedulingOptionOptionStandard
Social Media Integration
TimeLinx Accounting Package (TAP)OptionOption
Timekeeper License (Named CRM License)
Time Entry
       Expense Entry
Ticket Entry
Project Time Entry
Task Management
ICRM Calendar Access
External Timekeeper (Concurrent CRM License) *
Project Time Entry with Detailed Notes
Ticket Time Entry
Expense Entry
* Uses TimeGrid™
Project Time Entry with Detailed Notes
Expense Entry
Ticket Time Entry
My Work™ (Assignments and Schedules)

Licenses & Modules

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TimeLinx License NameLicense DescriptionInfor CRM WebInfor CRM LANICRM License Type Required
Full UserFull access to all TimeLinx features. Enter Time and Expenses into Tasks and Tickets. View, create and edit Projects. Schedule and assign Tasks to users, use of Tickets and ICRM or TimeLinx WebCalendar. Create/edit Tasks, Rates, Teams, Gantt’s, Issues, Milestones, Roles, Resources, Products, Materials, Finance, etc.. Manage Accounting integration. Create Opportunities and Quotes using Infor CPQ or Endeavor CPQ for Sales and complex Projects.XXNamed/Concurrent
TimekeeperTime & Expense entry only into TimeLinx Tasks and ICRM Tickets. The user also has access to the TimeLinx Task Manager.XXNamed/Concurrent
SmartMobileFor Android and iOS tablets and smartphones. Log Time and Expenses with detailed notes and attachments/photos into Tasks and Tickets, complete or update Task progress, enter mileage and overtime charges, review and update Assigned and Scheduled work via My Work feature.  Re-assign Tickets, optionally log start and end of the day and lunch breaks, look up and call contact phone numbers, map project-related addresses, add attachments from storage and photos, send emails and more.XXConcurrent
AdminEntryNamed license for a user who will not enter their own time. Data is entered by a TimeLinx Full User only. AdminEntry licenses are typically given to users whose time or expenses need to be recorded but have no Infor CRM access (such as a sub-contractor).  Sold in 5 packs only.XXNamed/Concurrent
External TimekeeperAllows a user to enter their own time and expenses (including notes, etc.) via a spreadsheet-like web interface called TimeGrid. There is no Infor CRM access.XConcurrent User
TimeLinx Accounting PackageProvides bi-directional integration features to the ERP system of your choice (no need to replace your ERP system!). Choose among A/R, O/E, A/P, P/R, G/L, J/C, I/C options. A/R or O/E included as default. Use of Infor ION provides the most advanced integration.XXNamed/Concurrent
WebCalendarJust a pretty face on top of the native Infor CRM Calendar enhanced for Project and Service Schedule Does not permit time or expense entry.OptionalOptionalConcurrent
TimeGridProvides TimeLinx LAN users with web browser-based remote time and expense entry.XOptionalNamed/Concurrent
QuoteLinx™Bi-directional middleware integration between Infor CRM and QuoteWerks (available from TimeLinx).  Re-creates the original SalesLogix/Infor CRM Opportunity workflow plus complete line-item detail. Create elaborate quotations within QuoteWerks with revision tracking of products, services, expenses, literature, kits and more. Online payments and approval options.Available 4Q17XNamed
TimeLinx Reporter ProEasy-to-use reporting system with pre-defined database schemas for both Infor CRM and TimeLinx. Minimal report-building knowledge. Produces sophisticated reports with advanced formatting, complete design elements, charts, scheduled deliveries, calculated fields and more, all driven by a wizard-interface.  A Pro license is needed to create new reports, edit existing reports, etc.. while the Viewer license allows a user to run reports they are permitted to access, even from a desktop icon.XNamed/Concurrent
TimeLinx Reporter – ViewerView and run TimeLinx Reporter reports.  License is per Named user.XXNone
TimeLinx AlertPakAlertPak for TimeLinx Alerts. Automated alerts and Notifications. Works on all Infor CRM and TimeLinx data.XXNone

Compatibility Matrix

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TimeLinx 2017.1 for Infor CRM Compatibility Matrix