TimeLinx PSM for Sage CRM Technical Information

TimeLinx for Sage CRM
All Access (Full User)
Attendance Tracking
Case/Tickets Integration
Outlook/Exchange Integration (via CRM)
ERP IntegrationOptional
Gantt Charts/Resource Allocations
Non-Working Days
Project Budgeting
Project Attachments
Project Contracts
Project Financials
Project Sites
Project Resource Skill Levels
Project Retainers
Project Tasks
Task/Ticket Time Entry
Case/Ticket Time Entry
Project Expense Entry
Variable Rates & Costs
Resource Management
Revenue Optimization EngineTM
WebCalendar SchedulingOptional
YammerTM Integration
TimeLinx Accounting Package (TAP)Optional
Time Entry
Expense Entry
Case/Ticket Time Entry
Task Management
Project Time Entry
Expense Entry
Case/Ticket Time Entry
My WorkTM (Assignments and Schedules)

TimeLinx for Sage CRM Licenses & Modules

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License NameDescriptionSage CRM License Required

Full User

Full access to all TimeLinx features. Enter Time and Expenses into Tasks and Cases. View, create and edit Projects. Schedule and assign Tasks to users, use of Cases, and Calendars. Create/edit all associated Project data including Tasks, Rates, Team, Gantt’s, Issues, Milestones, Roles, Resources, Products, Materials, Finance, etc. Also, can run Accounting integration functions. No Mobile access.  User security/permissions are controlled within TimeLinx to limit features named above.  Will require a login to Sage CRM system and will, therefore, need a Sage CRM license.X


Time & Expense entry only into TimeLinx Tasks and Cases.X


Android, iOS Mobile for tablets and smartphones to log Time and Expenses with detailed notes into TimeLinx Tasks and CRM Cases, complete or update Task progress, enter mileage and overtime charges, review and update Assigned and Scheduled work via MyWork feature.  Re-assign Cases, optionally log start and end of the day and lunch breaks, look up and call contact phone numbers, map project-related addresses, send emails and more.


The AdminEntry License count is for each name whose time is to be entered, it is NOT a data entry license. The actual data entry is performed by a Full User (above), NOT an AdminEntry name. AdminEntry names will not have any Sage CRM user rights (cannot log into Sage CRM).  Use this license type for sub-contractors or others submitting time via spreadsheets or email, or for tracking users being assigned or scheduled for projects and tasks. Even if they do not submit time or expenses, with this license they can be managed in the Gantt charts and WebCalendar.  Sold in 5-Name packs.

TimeLinx Accounting Platform

Provides bi-directional integration features to the ERP system of your choice (no need to replace your ERP system!). Choose among A/R, O/E, A/P, P/R, G/L, J/C, I/C options. A/R or O/E included as default.


A pretty face for the native Sage CRM calendar! Provides a fresh interface designed for Project and Service Scheduling. Not for time or expense entry.

TimeLinx AlertPak

AlertPak for TimeLinx Alerts. Automated alerts and notification

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