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Keeping informed about critical information in your TimeLinx system is the key to moving projects and tasks forward without skipping a beat. Adding the TimeLinx AlertPak will enable an automated workflow system with personalized notifications to ensure that work is started on time, in the correct order, by the assigned individuals, and without manual intervention for notifications.

The AlertPak will keep every user on top of issues that arise in a project, or TimeLinx Projects and Tasks that need to be started, completed, or are running behind schedule. The Alerts system will notify anyone inside or outside your organization, including sales staff, finance, service techs, business partners and clients, all of whom need to be kept in the loop when critical, time-sensitive information comes to light.
TimeLinx BI

When all the data is the same database, or connected databases, reporting on that data becomes possible when you know what you want to measure.  We’ve simplified the process by putting together a comprehensive set of dashboards and reports that cover the many details of project and work delivery.  Here’s just a couple of samples:

The TimeLinx WebCalendar is an improved interface for the base CRM’s calendar system.  Rather than replacing a CRM system’s calendar resulting in two overlapping pieces, we’ve extended the functionality to handle work scheduling and delivery, and put a new interface in place to enable easy viewing of resources, capacity, availability and more, with the simplicity of drag ‘n’ drop changes as needed.

TimeLinx SmartMobileTM adds a design-specific mobile application for a full-featured time and expense application to iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.  Many mobile applications capture time. Many web solutions capture time and expenses. SmartMobile does so much more by integrating project and service records with your Infor CRM customer database and incorporating the full logic of our rules-based TimeLinx Profit Optimization Engine™.

  • Use any wireless mobile device (iOS, Android, Windows)
  • Easily enter time spent on Project, Tasks, and Tickets
  • Capture detailed billing and internal-use notes
  • Enter time for single users or teams of users on a job
  • Automatically capture expenses, mileage, travel time and more
  • Add Materials and Product records to your work
  • Obtain real-time signature capture
  • Click for a map with directions to the job site
  • Attach photos or documents to every time and every expense record
  • Drive data directly to your Infor CRM system in real time
  • …and much, much more.