TimeLinx PSM

timelinx psmWe really are different. Most professional/project service automation systems are designed to manage tasks and resources – people, products, materials, and equipment – leaving the financial impact of those resources as an afterthought. Ultimately, though, it’s about the money. Your costs and expenditures affect your projects, your profitability, and your customer’s satisfaction with the finished product.

There are core design principles inherent in the very heart of the TimeLinx PSM system. First and foremost, TimeLinx PSM is based on the financial performance of the work. If you don’t understand your costs and revenues in real time, you’re discovering your profitability after the fact – when it’s too late to do anything about it.

At TimeLinx Software, we recognized from the start that a CRM infrastructure is key to selling and managing your products for your customer’s success. This design approach makes us truly unique. Being built on a solid CRM structure keeps your work at the forefront of your customer relationship and allows TimeLinx PSM to utilize the data that’s been accumulated for that customer – from lead generation through winning the sales opportunity. And it’s not just a basic CRM, but rather a brand name, enterprise-class CRM product that makes no excuses for functionality.

Once the project starts, scheduling and optimization are critical to your success. Resources need to be managed for maximum profit and control of costs, which our revenue optimization engine handles automatically. Of course, you can also expect outstanding project management and communication tools, as well as reporting you’ve only dreamed about having. And when the project is launched, TimeLinx PSM is there with features to manage tech support. It’s an all-in-one system.

Since we’ve already thought of everything you need for service automation, you can imagine that we see no point in having you retype the financial numbers once they’ve been calculated by TimeLinx PSM, right? You’re right – with TimeLinx PSM, once you approve your Pro-forma numbers, they’ll automatically be imported to your ERP/accounting system.

Even better, TimeLinx PSM can be added to an existing Sage or Infor system or provided as a bundled solution, as we’re an authorized partner for both platforms. You don’t have to stay stuck on an expensive system that doesn’t really help manage the business (and that no one loves anyway).