The Undiscovered Benefits of Project and Service Management Automation

By Mark Engelberg, TimeLinx Software –

Project and service management (PSM) automation is to service industries what the wheel was to society at large—utterly game-changing and so obviously fit-for-purpose. It seems like more of a ‘discovery’ than an ‘invention.’ Yet many service-industry companies haven’t quite discovered the indispensable benefits of PSM automation.

When it comes, it’s a ‘eureka!’ moment worth savoring.

Discovering PSM automation

Used for more than just facilitating transportation, the wheel also became a crucial part of almost every mechanical device created since the industrial revolution—one able to process and refine raw material assets into commercial value.

In the same way, for today’s service industries, PSM automation can become indispensable for turning the raw material assets of time and project activity into project profitability and client value.

Discovering TimeLinx PSM for Sage and Infor CRM Systems

Just as mechanical wheels are embedded in the engines and machinery that connects industrial economies, TimeLinx for Infor and TimeLinx for Sage are embedded at the heart of service industry CRM systems, carrying project optimization insight through the entire customer and project lifecycle.

Connecting departments and breaking down information silos

Imagine siloed communities of the pre-industrial world, not yet connected by the wheels of transportation and industry. Each community was its own universe knowing little or nothing of others around it.

That’s how teams, departments, CRM, and ERP systems exist without a PSM platform to connect and extend data into a single project and customer lifecycle from marketing to invoicing.

Without this single, integrated perspective, businesses often fixate solely on measuring Return On Investment (ROI) instead of returns on time-related profitability factors such as staff utilization, client profitability, and task efficiency.

How TimeLinx Improves Profitability (without Reinventing the Wheel)

The question service-oriented businesses need to ask is:

How can I view and adaptively manage all service project profitability factors across project lifecycles in real-time?

That’s the question TimeLinx answers consistently and accurately by becoming a native element of Sage and Infor CRM environments, injecting critical P&L data into the accounting environment.

The result is an adaptive, end-to-end ‘campaign-to-cash’ narrative of service and project progress and profitability that captures time utilization insight across the entire project acquisition-to-service delivery and invoicing process, start to finish.

Measure staff profitability

As a department or team leader, how do you answer the question: “how much profit did your team generate?”.

TimeLinx embeds error-free timekeeping functionality into each stage of every project lifecycle. The result is an accurate read on hourly staff cost and billable time vs. non-billable time, giving project managers an in-the-moment view of actual costs and project efficiency.

Measure client profitability

Flipping service product profitability to client profitability gives a new perspective that can help businesses better target their most profitable client types or optimize service delivery to reduce redundancy or waste activities.

Because TimeLinx matches project expenses end-to-end for the entire client lifecycle, it’s possible to unlock profit-per-client insight simply not possible when CRM and PSM work as separate entities not sharing data.

Track staff utilization

Service delivery, staff profitability and client profitability can swing wildly from project to project when staff utilization isn’t optimized.

TimeLinx captures reliable staff utilization data that can be mapped against changing project requirements, so that the right resources can be allocated or reallocated for optimal project impact and cost-efficiency across entire project lifecycles.

View task progress, reallocate tasks, and keep project timelines on track

Service-oriented industry projects run in dynamic, ever-changing environments. That means project managers must maintain visibility of users’ activities and project task progress.

The TimeLinx WebCalendar lets project managers track task progress and allocate or reallocate tasks adaptively depending on in-the-moment needs while viewing individual and project portfolio Gantt charts to assess and fill project gaps that emerge.

TimeLinx PSM Benefits at a Glance

With TimeLinx, your CRM and ERP become part of a single ‘campaign-to-cash’ workflow that brings:

  • Robust project management capabilities
  • A single, unified database tracking all project and service-delivery factors
  • An entire audit trail of operations for necessary reporting
  • Customizable functionality
  • Comprehensive tracking of labor time, costs, and expenses


Schedule a Demo and Make It Better with TimeLinx

Service industry project-profit factors are too complex and ever-changing to be effectively managed and optimized by multiple systems working independently of each other.

TimeLinx is a critical element of infrastructure that links CRM with ERP for precise control and visibility over end-to-end ‘campaign-to-cash’ project cost and service delivery efficiency.

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About TimeLinx
TimeLinx delivers innovative project & service management software as a complete solution that perfects the sell-track-manage-support-bill cycle that services organizations must have to delight their customers; TimeLinx brings the cycle together in a single application that offers less frustration, better project management, complete reporting, and improved profitability – all specially designed for Infor and Sage.