TimeLinx Alerts & Monitoring

Keeping informed about critical information in your TimeLinx PSM system is the key to moving projects and tasks forward without skipping a beat.

Enterprise-class Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) software is usually reserved for the largest of companies. With the TimeLinx Alert & Monitoring solution, this technology is now available to everyone through a partnership with ECI Software. The alerts system from TimeLinx is delivered with a set of pre-defined alerts focused on project and service delivery using the TimeLinx Alert Pak (see below). Alerts specifically for CRM are also available. New alerts can be created and existing ones copied and modified.

TimeLinx Alerts will keep your Managers and team on top of issues that arise, fopr example, CRM changes or TimeLinx Project and Task updates that need to be started, completed, or are running behind schedule. They are only limited by your imagination. Alerts will notify anyone inside or outside your organization, including sales staff, finance, service techs, business partners, and clients, all of whom need to be kept in the loop when critical, time-sensitive information comes to light.

2023 TimeLinx AlertPak Events for Sage

TimeLinx Alert Versions:

Alerts Edition:

  • Identify critical TimeLinx PSM for Infor CRM or Sage CRM data and events and automatically send e-mails or text alerts to users, customers, prospects, & managers or staff
  • Trigger (or schedule) the automatic distribution of files (e.g., MS Word files, spreadsheets, etc.)
  • Monitor the status of triggered TimeLinx PSM for Infor CRM or Sage CRM events, the status of pending or sent alerts, etc.
  • Link events together via dependencies
  • Includes Connector to TimeLinx PSM for Infor CRM or Sage CRM database, additional database connections available (one required for each database)
  • Includes one External Access license

Corporate Edition:

  • Features of Alerts Edition plus actions and reports distribution
  • Automatically update Infor CRM or Sage CRM Contacts, Accounts, and History – easily update any TimeLinx PSM for Infor CRM or Sage CRM, or non-CRM data
  • Schedule new Activities; notify recipients and record transactions in TimeLinx PSM for Infor CRM or Sage CRM
  • Generate and distribute Crystal Reports on a predefined schedule or based on data conditions in TimeLinx PSM for Infor CRM or Sage CRM
  • Automatically export triggered event data to a file
  • Automatically generate HTML e-mail alert message text (based on Crystal Report)
  • Automatically generate XML when an event is triggered

Enterprise Edition:

  • Features of Alerts and Corporate Editions plus e-mail response – the ability to trigger alerts based on the content of incoming e-mail messages and/or web form entries
  • Automatically update TimeLinx PSM for Infor CRM or Sage CRM, CRM, or non-CRM data based on e-mail or web form content
  • Identify incoming e-mail and automatically forward and/or re-route message (via any delivery method) to appropriate recipients
  • Generate and distribute Crystal Reports