TimeLinx Financing Partner Dimension Funding Now Offers Technology Financing Options in Canada and Latin America

Dimension Funding Announces a Strategic Partnership with Financing in Latin America

Our newest partner is Latin Leasing, well known by equipment vendors and purchasers throughout South America and the Caribbean.

“Having a strategic partnership with Latin Leasing will allow us to ensure that our clients with holdings in South America get the funding they need from a financing partner that they can trust. It also allows the customers of Latin Leasing who have businesses in the US to get funding in the US from an established, financial partner,“ said Larry Wagner, COO of Dimension Funding.

Click the link to get all of the details – https://www.dimensionfunding.com/dimension-funding-latin-leasing-partnership/

Dimension Funding Announces Strategic Partnership with Financing In Canada

We are excited to announce that we have entered into a strategic partnership with Catalyst Software Finance, a Canadian-based financial services firm.

“By partnering with Catalyst Software Finance, our clients located in Canada will be able to easily obtain financing for their software needs from a local financing company,” says Larry Wagner, COO of Dimension Funding.

“It is important to me that our clients in Canada get first-class support and customer service which is why we chose to partner with Catalyst Software Finance.”

Click the link to get all of the details – https://www.dimensionfunding.com/dimension-funding-catalyst-software-finance-partnership/

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