When Social Media And Field Service Companies Make A Surprisingly Good Couple

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Technology permeates everything we do, both in our personal and professional lives. Internet and mobile usage are skyrocketing these days, and this trend has a direct impact on your field service company. Because if you don’t invest at least a percentage of your budget in online marketing, you’re probably missing a large number of potential customers.

Many people today use the Internet to find all kinds of local services, including maintenance, energy, HVAC and telecom professionals, among others. This is why it’s so important for your field service business to have a strong online presence. Though the starting point for many is setting up a website, you must not forget about the current trends and join the main social media channels – namely, Facebook and Twitter.

What can social media do for your business?

Having a website is not enough nowadays. In these times of social media, when millions of people scroll through their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram timelines on a daily basis, you probably need to be posting content there too.

Social media have such a potential audience that having your own personal spot there can do wonders in many different areas in your business. Let’s take a look at some of these benefits:

Promote your services

When used properly, social media channels can be a great communication channel for field service companies. They give you the chance to explain your services to the community, share news related to your company and launch special offers. Social networks are full of opportunities to boost your online visibility for a relatively low price, reaching thousands of potential customers via organic content or paid ads.

Interact with your customers

If there’s an area when social media have changed the way companies do their business, that’s their relationship with customers. Satisfied customers are key to any company’s success, and that satisfaction is down to many factors, such as the perception of your company. Thanks to social media, you can interact with your customers more directly, answer their questions, give them support and share your brand values with them.

Monitor your competitors

Possibly even more interesting than customer support, social networks also allow you to check what other people are saying about your competitors. This information may come in handy when doing competitive intelligence analysis. You’ll see your competitors’ perceived image and brand qualities, and you can also learn from their successes and mistakes on social media.

Recruit qualified professionals

Last but not least, social networks can also work as a great platform to find and recruit new technicians and other professionals for your field service company. Specialized social platforms such as LinkedIn give you unprecedented access to proactively search for qualified personnel, as well as the ability to post job offers when you’re planning to expand your team.

Making the most out of Twitter

When used for service businesses, Twitter offers a swift, easy way to manage customer queries, complaints, comments and feedback. And the only investment necessary here is a bit of your time, since creating a Twitter account is free.

Once you do, make sure your profile includes all the necessary information for potential customers searching for field services online: name and logo, official website, opening hours, and of course telephone number and email address to contact your company. You’d be surprised how many companies neglect this essential information!

Like we said, Twitter is free but it does require a certain investment of time. Ideally, you should agree on a Twitter account management policy with your staff, to define both the schedule and the person in charge of it.

The most important thing to remember about Twitter is that it’s totally public. When you give excellent good service, the whole world will know about it. But the same goes for bad customer service too, so you need to think about your responses carefully!

Twitter works great to share news, services and offers from your company, but also as a way to engage directly with your followers. Not only by responding their queries, but also by sharing content from your website – and from other websites and Twitter accounts too!

Using Facebook as a field service company

Like Twitter, Facebook is also a great way to keep in touch with your customers in a more direct, personal way. It also acts as a promotional platform to share your services and offers, and eventually reach more potential customers.

When creating the official website for your business on Facebook, make sure you fill in all the fields with the necessary data: company name and logo, description of your services and, most importantly, all the possible ways to contact your company. Don’t forget to add working hours too. Generally speaking, the most detailed your profile page is, the more professional you’ll look. Besides, it’ll also help reduce the number of queries regarding those topics.

Sometimes the main question about Facebook is what kind of content to publish. Generally speaking, the best rule here is to share your own information just a 20% of the time, and devote the other 80% to share content from other websites, other Facebook pages… or even GIFs or memes! Remember this is a social network where people come, among other things, for entertainment.

Now, once you’ve published a few posts on Facebook, you may find yourself constantly checking their reach – that is, the number of people who have seen your post on their timeline. The truth is, every post may have a different reach, depending on the type of content.

While you can always opt to promote posts for a fee, there are also ways you can engage with your audience and increase that reach value: ask an open-ended question they can answer in comments, open a debate about a field service topic, share interesting articles from other websites… and never forget to be fun! Everyone appreciates humor, no matter what business you’re in.

Social media is great… when used wisely

In the end, the most important thing is not to get too enthusiastic about social media. Yes, it can be a great platform to promote your services, deliver customer support, share brand values and build your online presence. But you don’t need to create a profile on every single one of them and start posting constantly.

Instead, you’d probably want to start by analyzing your target audience and setting up some goals regarding what you intend to achieve with social media. Depending on the results of your research, choose a preferred social media channel and focus your efforts there.

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