About TimeLinx Software


About Our Company

TimeLinx Software is a CRM sales, implementation, training, and support organization. In 2001 we created TimeLinx PSM for a very simple reason – we were tired of using three or four different systems to manage our own projects. Every time we added a new client, we had to take the information from our CRM system and put it into the project management system. Then we needed systems for tracking time and reporting progress. And then all of that had to end up in our billing system. Instead of tolerating the wasted effort of data moving, why not build project management and integration features into our CRM? After all, we were already experts at tailoring CRM with purpose-built customizations.

We knew we were not alone. Project and service management encompasses an enormous and growing segment of the world economy. So the TimeLinx PSM product was born. Designed for the unique needs of service industries, TimeLinx provides a complete solution for the sell-track-manage-support-bill cycle that organizations must master in order to delight customers.

We are fully committed to delivering world-class, innovative project & service management. You deserve pragmatic advice and effective tools, and that is what we provide.

What Can You Expect from TimeLinx Software?

  • Absolute focus on the markets we serve.
  • Commitment to delivering world-class project & service management software based on popular CRM systems and innovative technologies.
  • Infrastructure and experience to support emerging businesses, regional corporations, and global enterprises.
  • Dedication to delivering first-rate customer service and satisfaction.
  • Strength, vision, and viability to be a long-term business partner.
  • Commitment to place our customers at the center of everything we do.

We’ve designed our solutions with your needs in mind – you’ll find our software to be cost effective, extremely powerful, flexible, and scalable. Our solutions are designed to grow as your business grows, enabling you to start small and then continue using TimeLinx solutions as you grow.

Our Core Values

Integrity & Honesty – We are a technology company and our people are our strength. TimeLinx is committed to acting with integrity and honesty when dealing with our clients, employees, vendors, and business partners so we can continue to maintain the trust and confidence of those with whom we engage.

High Professional Standards – The services we provide to you, as our client, are of the highest professional standards, appropriate to your requirements. This involves developing and keeping close relationships with clients and building effective relationships that allow us to identify and satisfy needs. We take pride in our work, our services, and our company and will be accountable for our actions.

Employees with Purpose – We expect our employees to make a significant contribution to the team while maintaining a professional, ethical manner both within the company and in dealing with other organizations, and to comply with all applicable laws and company policies. We also encourage employees to develop their skills through education and training.

Commitment – We commit to work with our business partners and vendors in mutually beneficial ways, and we prefer to work with clients, vendors, and business partners that reflect our values.

Community – In our communities, we’re sensitive to the environment and other local issues and remain aware of wider governmental issues. TimeLinx is dedicated to supporting appropriate community initiatives and charitable causes.