About Us

Only TimeLinx puts you in control of service delivery by managing tasks and resources while also controlling costs, maximizing revenues, and increasing profitability in real time using our proprietary Revenue Optimization Engine

In one integrated system you get transparency, access and control throughout your complete customer lifecycle from lead management and deal closing, to project delivery and then synchronization into your accounting system.

The TimeLinx Difference 

There are hundreds of field service platforms around the world.  So why choose TimeLinx?  Take a look at the significant design differences built into TimeLinx.

  • A combination of Project Management, Service Management, and Field Service
  • Embedded within Sage and Infor CRM for ultimate communication between your teams
  • CRM selling capabilities with tight integration with projects and services to connect contacts, documents, calendars, customer information, assets purchased, quotes, and more.
  • Built from the ground up focused on finances. Real-time revenue and cost calculations, optimizations, approvals, and synchronization into your accounting/ERP system to banish re-typing and errors forever.
  • An iOS/Android mobile app that is offline first and automated sync for those times when there is no connectivity.
  • Multi-currency and multi-language for your country teams or for country-specific customers
  • Deep functionality with xx primary functions designed for both SMB and Enterprise organizations
  • Scalable & completely tailorable to your business requirements.
  • Supports businesses that cross industries in a single system, such as plumbing and electrical
  • An easy-to-use, uncomplicated user interface.

Why TimeLinx Project & Service Management?

TimeLinx Software applications connect departments and break down information silos. Through TimeLinx PSM, you manage all aspects of your service delivery. You use our web tools and iOS and Android mobile app to make your work and staff more productive and profitable. Manage projects, tasks, resources, time, expenses, dispatch, schedules, tickets, issues and more – doing all that while financial data is intelligently optimized in the background.

Our CRM-based system performs all of the above as well as real-time analysis and reporting for managers across your organization — marketing, sales, service delivery, and finance/accounting. TimeLinx captures not only hours worked and expenses spent, but calculates the associated “dollars” that help make your business profitable — revenues, profits, costs, margins and more. With TimeLinx PSM, you don’t simply manage the work, you manage the dollars (or Euros, Francs, Dirhams, etc.).  In multiple languages.

Managing your business using multiple disconnected applications such as web apps, custom databases and spreadsheets, costs your business money and time due to the lack of a connected, 360-degree view encompassing all of your service operations. Eliminate the overhead burden your business pays by not having a fully integrated system. With TimeLinx PSM, your sales, service, support and financial applications are working together to maximize business profitability and customer satisfaction.

With TimeLinx PSM embedded within your CRM system, you manage your entire customer lifecycle:

    • Run the Campaigns.
    • Get the Leads.
    • Quote the work.
    • Forecast the opportunity and win the deal.
    • Manage, track and deliver accurate, profitable work.
    • Provide best-of-class customer service and technical support.
    • Get paid.
    • Keep nurturing the relationship.

You track and manage the complete life cycle of the relationship! A complete lifecycle includes billing, so TimeLinx PSM automatically pushes all calculated revenues and costs into your billing, accounts receivable, payables, job cost, payroll, and G/L of your chosen accounting system and then synchronizes updated data back into TimeLinx.

About Our Company

TimeLinx Software is a CRM sales, implementation, training, and support organization. In 2001, we created TimeLinx PSM for a very simple reason – we were tired of using (and paying for!) four or more different software products to manage our own project work. Every time we added a new client, we had to take the information from our CRM system and put it into the project management system. Then we needed systems for tracking billable time, labor costs, recording expenses, and reporting progress. Plus repair or other unique information.  And then all of that had to end up in our billing system.

Instead of tolerating the ongiong effort of copying and re-typing data, we realized we could build a project management system using an extensible CRM that would enhance the turnover process from prospect to customer and improve communications between sales and service departments.

We quickly knew we were not alone. Services are an enormous and continuously growing segment of the world economy. So the TimeLinx PSM product was born. Designed for the flexible needs of multiple service industries that sometimes overlap, TimeLinx provides a complete solution for the sell-track-manage-support-bill cycle that organizations must master in order to delight customers.

We are fully committed to delivering world-class, innovative project & service management. You deserve pragmatic advice and effective tools, and that is what we provide.

What Can You Expect from TimeLinx Software?

  • An absolute focus on the markets we serve.
  • Commitment to delivering world-class project & service management software based on popular CRM systems and innovative technologies.
  • Infrastructure and experience to support emerging businesses, regional corporations, and global enterprises.
  • Dedication to delivering first-rate customer service and satisfaction.
  • Strength, vision, and viability to be a long-term business partner.
  • Commitment to place our customers at the center of everything we do.

We’ve designed our solutions with your needs in mind – you’ll find our software to be cost effective, extremely powerful, flexible, and scalable. Our solutions are designed to grow as your business grows, enabling you to start small and then continue using TimeLinx solutions as you grow without starting over.

Our Company Values

Integrity & Honesty – We are a technology company and our people are our strength. TimeLinx is committed to acting with integrity and honesty when dealing with our clients, employees, vendors, and business partners so we can continue to maintain the trust and confidence of those with whom we engage.

High Professional Standards – The services we provide to you, as our client, are of the highest professional standards, appropriate to your requirements. This involves developing and keeping close relationships with clients and building effective relationships that allow us to identify and satisfy needs. We take pride in our work, our services, and our company and will be accountable for our actions.

Employees with Purpose – We expect our employees to make a significant contribution to the team while maintaining a professional, ethical manner both within the company and in dealing with other organizations, and to comply with all applicable laws and company policies. We also encourage employees to develop their skills through education and training.

Commitment – We commit to work with our business partners and vendors in mutually beneficial ways, and we prefer to work with clients, vendors, and business partners that reflect our values.

Community – In our communities, we’re sensitive to the environment and other local issues and remain aware of wider governmental issues. TimeLinx is dedicated to supporting appropriate community initiatives and charitable causes.