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  • Project Management Trends (2021): What does the Future Look Like

    By Vartika Kashyap – Proofhub Just think of what project management industry looked like ten years ago? Fewer methodologies, lesser tools, smaller teams, and simpler projects. Cut to 2019, things have changed tremendously as the teams are no longer smaller and the projects no longer simpler. As the old adage goes, “Change is the only […]

  • Digital Transformation Is Linked to Financial Performance

    CRM Magazine September 2021 Most companies today are well underway with digital transformation projects, with the average company roughly 70 percent through the process, industry analyst firm Valoir found in a survey of 1,400 companies worldwide. The research also found a clear correlation between digital transformation and financial performance, as companies further along with digital […]

  • 7 Reasons to Give Field Service Technicians a Mobile Application

    By Kieran Le Peron As more companies transform to digital operations, service companies must also adapt and move to paperless operations to manage field technicians. To successfully evolve, they must adopt field service management software. With this type of solution, service companies can better manage service schedules and monitor service activities. And they can use […]

  • 5 Ways to Improve a Customer Self-service Strategy

    In today’s digital world, self-service options are a must to inform, engage and retain customers. Here are some ways businesses can improve those self-service options. By Robin Gareiss, Metrigy Research Published: Jan 2021 Customers are relying more on digital channels to make purchases, research products and get advice. So, it’s not surprising that by 2025, […]

  • Triple Constraint: Using PSM software to conquer the Iron Triangle

    By Mark Engelberg, TimeLinx Software Intro: All projects have constraints. Adhering to those constraints will ultimately determine the success of your project. What is known as the Iron Triangle or the Triple Constraint is a combination of three factors that are dependent on one another. The three factors are Scope, Time, and Cost. These need […]

  • Sometimes Things Just Do Not Go As Planned : Edition 44

    The most common form of transporting freight is over the road in large tractor trailers, often 70 feet long and carrying 40 tons. Although these trucks include many safety features to protect the driver, the precious cargo and surrounding vehicles but weather and road conditions can create dangerous circumstances and sometimes things just do not […]

  • “Get That Vibe!” and Consider Infor CRM

    Your customer relationships are the driving force of your business. By offering a complete view of every customer touch point across your sales, marketing, customer service, and support teams, Infor CRM enables you to maximize the impact of every interaction—across the entire customer lifecycle—whether in the office or out in the field. The best part […]

  • The Journey to Achieving Your Desired Outcomes

    Sam Klaidman – September 2021 In this new article for Field Service News, Sam Klaidman, Founder and Principal Adviser at Middlesex Consulting, discusses the service leaders’ journey to achieve their desired outcomes. Here is an interesting conversation from Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland: ‘Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go […]

  • How can CFOs Benefit from ERP Systems?

    Written Benoit Gruber – September 2021 Chief financial officers (CFOs) are increasingly being asked to get involved in more diverse projects within their organizations, using their skills and experience to contribute to strategic growth. This creates various challenges for finance leaders, who need to use all the tools at their disposal to make sound decisions […]

  • Win with Sage CRM integrated with Sage Intacct

    Looking for a full featured CRM Solution to integrate with your Sage Intacct Accounting Solution? Look no further. Sage CRM now has a bi-directional integration with Sage Intacct Accounting by Promoting a Sage CRM Company or Person record to a new Sage Intacct Customer or Contact object record Linking an existing Sage CRM record to […]

  • What Is CRM? Sage CRM

    What is CRM? Are you looking for a better way of managing your interactions with customers? Seeking a full featured customer relationship management solution that can integrate to your accounting solution for a seamless end to end customer experience? Then you will want to watch this 2 minute video…