TimeLinx Requirements Survey

What is 7+4?

Thank you for filling out this analysis which will allow us to have a meaningful discussion with you, and help us prepare if you request a demonstration. There is an option to Print this out at the end for your own reference, and then press Submit to share it with TimeLinx. This will take under 10 minutes. Please try to answer as many of these as you can obtain the information for. Thank you.
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How many work outside the office and travel to customer sites providing services? They enter their own time and expenses, notes, work details, parts and equipment used, etc.
PM's create and update projects and tasks, assign and schedule work, manage time, approve work, running reports, and approve time, etc.
How many assist the services department with functions related to data entry, scheduling, answering phones, handling paperwork, etc.
How many people manage the finance processes of finance approvals, expense collection, billing and invoice generation?
Enter "0" if none
.e., MS Project, spreadsheets, Concur (expenses), Outlook calendars, etc.
How do you collect project/job information today, like time records, expense records, notes, parts used, etc? Is it on paper or spreadsheets and then re-entered into another system? We like details, please.
Sync time and expense into invoices and payroll, record parts or materials used on a job, etc. without re-typing or errors. Note, we don't offer accounting systems but can recommend quality partners.
Internal projects are non-customer work for your company's benefit, like trade show preparation tasks, marketing tasks, etc? As these are not billable, would you want to capture time spent and cost??
Do they need to wait for a report from finance or other method?
Is there a dedicated person or department? What factors determine who to schedule? For example, location, skill sets, availability, personal conflicts, transportation? Do you use Outlook, a calendar on the wall, or another scheduling system??
For example, finding and looking up customer information, directions, re-scheduling, paperwork like industry-specific forms, comparing vendor prices, contacting staff, etc.
For example, who's maximizing their billings and using the least time? Can you track this? Can you identify your least productive workers every day? What was your utilization % this week? If you don't know, that's a typical answer!
If so, how do you manage and track "out-of-scope" work and determine if it's billable? Is it a fixed-fee job but some charges are extra? (like travel time, excluded services, etc.)
Are there math errors on invoices, incorrect prices, mis-understood rates, typing errors, contract squabbles? Do invoice delays occur? Is cash-flow affected?
Are there multiple manager approvals, information to collect, review meeetings, rates to fix?
Can you bill extra for certified staff, skills or experience? Or weekends and overtimes? If not, would you like to? Are you "leaving money on the table?"
Are you able to automate customer invoices based on job completion progress, either by time or work percentage? Is this important to you?
Are you able to make a management decision whether to invoice extra work or not once the time is submitted? Do you perform warranty work, like re-dos?
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