CRM Systems from Infor and Sage

New to CRM?  Adding More CRM Users?  Switching CRM Software?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) remains one of the hottest growth areas in technology. The reasons are simple. Organizations across all sectors and geographies see substantial returns from implementing these systems. Increasing revenue while decreasing costs is a winning formula everywhere. Customer satisfaction and repeat sales follow from knowing more about the people you serve and the businesses where they work.

Read why TimeLinx PSM is built inside a CRM system rather than as a standalone application.

TimeLinx offers Infor CRM and Sage CRM for any scenario – whether you are implementing CRM for the first time, adding on to existing systems, or changing from another CRM provider. Our decades of experience will help you make the right choices.

New to CRM
The time has never been better to begin enjoying the benefits of CRM. In fact, CRM is essential to remaining relevant in an environment where instantly-available information about your products and services—and your competitors—is available to prospects before you even know they are interested. You must be just as knowledgeable about potential customers, and you must protect your existing customer base. CRM will enable you to:

  • Share complete, accurate contact details and organization structures for prospects and customers
  • Manage sales opportunities from lead to close
  • Enforce consistent communications, pricing, quoting, and forecasting
  • Save costs by eliminating administrative work

Adding More CRM Users
If growth or expansion of usage means more people in your organization need CRM software, TimeLinx is an authorized seller of Infor CRM and Sage CRM. More importantly, we know how to install, train, and synchronize your newly added user community. Ask for a no-obligation quote.

Switching CRM Systems
Some CRM users are sold on the concept, but have problems with their current CRM system. Perhaps they’ve outgrown its capabilities. Maybe their business has changed and they need different features. Reliability or integration with other systems might not be the best. If this resembles your predicament, it is imperative that you get a free consultation from TimeLinx on what options to consider. We have been at this for decades, and know the ways to improve, as well as the false starts that are possible when undertaking a switch. We can help you make a smooth transition that minimizes overhead.

TimeLinx will  help you decide if Infor CRM or Sage CRM is best. We are also happy to tell you if neither is the right choice. Only productive, long-term relationships earn us money and pay back for our customers. That’s why TimeLinx works hard to make sure we fit your needs perfectly. We are everything you expect from a quality provider.