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TimeLinx connects CRM & ERP to create a complete Project Management solution for L. Kianoff & Associates, Inc.


  • Like many companies, L. Kianoff & Associates, a software integrator in Birmingham, Alabama, found they were growing faster than their current CRM application’s capabilities – their prior application had grown outdated for both Kianoff’s sales and support needs. Previously using an add-on application for time & billing, Kianoff was also in search of a replacement tool for its consultants entering time and expenses both inside and outside of the office, with integration to their ERP application.

    Kianoff needed a solution to provide real-time insight into accounts being serviced, consultant and sales performance, and profitability of the company at the customer project level. Also, they were unable to create customized reports in the current system and therefore had limited visibility into overall business performance. Management listened to the recommendations of another resellers and selected TimeLinx for their project management needs.


    Kianoff chose TimeLinx because of its integration with their CRM as well as its ability to bridge CRM to ERP while providing a complete turn-key solution for its service and support needs. Bridging these applications has allowed Kianoff’s Project & Account Managers to manage complete engagements from beginning to end in one system. Tracking workflow from the initial sale to engagement and work performed has allowed Kianoff to manage their customer relationships while providing prompt and accurate service and support to all of its customers. TimeLinx has allowed Kianoff to grow and expand its software reseller business by providing the tools necessary to:

    • Manage projects and engagements with greater detail for all aspects of the business
    • Track time and expenses for their remote workforce
    • Reduce the time from work completion to invoice production
    • Increase profitability by having greater visibility into work performed
    • Create customize reports for greater real-time business intelligence
    • Manage services performed against service fees collected for better budget management for customers
  • TimeLinx has allowed us to grow our business in a way we simply couldn’t before. We maintained our current business processes and yet TimeLinx continues to grow the application to meet our changing needs,” said Lisa Kianoff, President and Founder

    Kianoff is now able to provide tight controls over time and expense entry for its remote consulting workforce while reducing back office adjustments at the end of the month.

    Project Managers are also able to manage consultants’ time more efficiently than ever before. Account managers have noted that the increased ‘checks and balances’ in work performed has reduced the number of errors in billing as well as enabled invoices to be sent much faster than previously allowed.

    “TimeLinx has allowed us to grow our business
    in a way we simply couldn’t before.”

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    Profitability is always on the forefront of any company’s mind and Kianoff is no exception. TimeLinx’s unique integration capabilities have allowed Kianoff to track profitability with greater detail and accuracy. Removing the manual steps of data entry from various systems has reduced the amount of errors being made while significantly reducing the amount of time spent. Kianoff staff is now able to focus on other projects and tasks while knowing that the greater visibility company-wide is up-to-date and accurate for sales, support and project management.

    “We’ve been able to break down projects and profitability in a way we didn’t think was possible,” said Kianoff. “This increased visibility has allowed us to track and manage projects based on billable vs. non-billable time which is helpful in allocating resources when and where needed.”

    Kianoff continues to look to the future and plans to expand its use of TimeLinx to other areas of its business. As its staff of consultants grows, Kianoff plans to expand its use of TimeLinx to support its business growth as well as the increasing size of its projects and engagements, with no loss of responsiveness to its customers.


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