All Partner Programs are not equal. Here’s how to identify the right ones for your business.

Written by – Doug Spinella

As TimeLinx celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Partner Advantage Program, it is time to take a closer look at channel partner programs and ask, “How are these programs useful to our value-added resellers and system integrators. Let’s start with the definition of a Channel Partner Program: “A Channel Partner Program is a strategy to motivate and engage channel partners to create more value for customers.”

Today’s channel partners are looking for much more than motivation and engagement. They want a manufacturer partner that can provide them with software and services to support them in delivering a one-stop-shop to their customers. They also want partners who will enable them to be perceived as thought leaders to their customers. Rather than just seeking a product source, today’s resellers want a true partnership with the manufacturer that will enable them to better serve their customers and be more profitable.

In this true partnership, the manufacturer needs to provide the channel partner with:

  1. Service and Support: Professional resources with quick-and-easy access
  2. Education: Product training and expert support, both pre- and post-sale
  3. Sales Tools: Easy-to-use resources, including presentations, battle cards and competitive comparisons that are conveniently available in an easy-access portal
  4. Rewards Program: Benefits for the VAR or salesperson to incentivize and compensate their efforts in winning new customers

To make this partnership a success, the channel partner needs to take advantage of programs offered by the manufacturer including:

  1. Training: Become knowledgeable on the products and services and clearly understand the differentiators.
  2. Vertical Markets Expertise: Learn product/service uses in a variety of vertical markets as well as the benefits for each industry. Tip: Review case studies and application spotlights.
  3. Participate: Engage in free webinars, promotions or spiff programs and watch your business grow.

Here are our promises to our channel partner relationships:

  1. Loyalty and Engagement: We promise to deliver loyalty and engagement with our channel partners, and we value their efforts to build strong relationships with our mutual customers.
  2. Trust: We promise strong communication that builds trust between our team and our channel partners and increases everyone’s success.
  3. Productivity: We promise easy access to educational and sales materials as well as training to help our partners sell solutions to our mutual customers.
  4. Consistency: By syncing our sales efforts, we promise consistency to our channel partners and our mutual customers, helping ensure they get the right products to meet their needs.

The result is increased Profitability. By taking care of our channel partners, they take care of our mutual customers, resulting in increased profits for everyone. For more information about the TimeLinx Partner Advantage Program – click here.

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