Delivering on your sales team’s promises: How CRM with an integrated PSM will keep your clients happy

By Mark Engelberg, TimeLinx Software –

Sales are only as good as the promises you keep. However, your commitments do not stop once you have closed the deal. That is only the start of your client-company relationship. So many projects hit roadblocks due to the inability to efficiently hand over a client from one internal team to the next. Companies rely on their CRM systems to manage their client relationship and opportunity information, only involving their ERP and PSM (Project and Service Management) solutions when needed. And they are seldom connected. But to truly offer exceptional service management that promotes healthy client-company relationships, companies need to adopt a PSM solution integrated with their CRM system.

Intelligent Software Equals Happy Customers

Not all software solutions are created equally. The downfall of many solutions is that they take the focus off the client. While you may resolve this internally, the result is often a disjointed client experience from sales opportunity to project completion. PSM software allows you to keep your client front and center, systematically delivering on all the project stages while simultaneously integrating your internal teams and maintaining a holistic view of the project and its status. Consistent access to the most up-to-date project information is key to keeping the project within scope, timelines, and budget. Such access ultimately allows you to deliver on, or exceed, client expectations. When you are jumping between systems, it limits access and data integrity when the information could be contained in one integrated ecosystem.

Eliminate the Disconnect, and Increase the Customer Experience

No team genuinely wants to adopt a new platform. An effective service management solution should not be a chore to use. It should, however, integrate seamlessly with all your other existing software, and it should empower your teams to have all the information they need when they need it. By enabling PSM either tightly integrated or embedded within CRM and connected to your ERP, companies quickly have a comprehensive view of client projects, including an overview of opportunities, contracts, expenses, schedules, tasks, customer service incidents, time entries, and the list goes on. These elements are manageable on an individual level. They are no longer manageable when every data element is related to other data elements (a single service visit is associated with the customer, the quote, the sales opportunity, the project, the technician, a time record, a mileage entry, parts installed, services performed, a vehicle, the billing record, and perhaps more). Combining these elements and the rest of the customer’s data is the key to avoiding lost information, marginal service management, and displeased clients. The more software that’s involved, the more challenges you will have.

One Place, Many Platforms

Client experience is paramount. On-time delivery, excellent referrals, and return business are what keep a business’ doors open. You can achieve this by focusing on your clients from start to finish using a single application whenever possible. Keep all “front-office” data (not back-office accounting data) in your CRM with integrated PSM making company-wide access to the most current information achievable. Complemented by your own customized BI dashboards that can compare multiple information segments, strategic decision-making is automated and accurate. Project flow becomes seamless by effectively managing your resources and eliminating disconnects, thereby improving your cash flow and speeding up invoicing. All while using your existing CRM and ERP investments.

Win-Win Relationships Start with The Right Platforms

Using multiple platforms to manage client projects starts you off on the wrong foot from the get-go. On the other end, an integrated PSM solution that can seamlessly integrate with your CRM and ERP software can enable you to deliver a client experience that will give you the competitive edge. By collating your data, empowering your teams, and keeping a holistic view of your projects at all times, you can meet and exceed your client’s expectations.

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