Digitalize Job Management to Help Your Business Grow

Published in July – Field Service News

In this article we look at how the adoption of new digital technologies can help your business grow using leading project and field service management solutions for service, maintenance and project contractors.

Businesses in the building services sector are increasing efficiency and growing their business faster, by trading outdated manual processes for new digital technologies.

At the top of the list? Cloud-based job management software that streamlines projectservice, and maintenance workflows in one end-to-end solution.

Harnessing this technology and its mobile features lets you access the most accurate and up-to-date information pertaining to project progress, billing and invoicing, scheduling and dispatch, inventory and more, all from one central location. This eliminates wasted time spent linking essential data from disparate sources, gives full visibility into your numbers, and streamlines communication from the office to the field. So how does digitizing your operations help your business grow? Here are the top benefits of cloud-based job management software.

1. Streamlined Team Management

With all information accessible in the cloud, teams are able to view real-time awareness of job progress and location of field staff, in turn, enhancing job scheduling capabilities. You can make scheduling changes as they happen, closing gaps and keeping your team productive.

2. Improved Productivity

Field staff can access job information, site history and even request inventory without returning to the office. Any updates from the field sync in real-time via a mobile app. By giving your team the information they need, when they need it, you reduce travel time, increase productivity and expand capacity to find new revenue streams or take on new jobs.

3. Clear and Effective Communication

Communication between office and field should not end once a job has been dispatched. It should be ongoing and instant, enabling efficient processes and a seamless experience for the customer. Cloud-based job management software streamlines all communications in one easy-to-access portal.

4. Optimized Business Management

Investing in software to digitize your business leads to reduced overheads through automated workflows, centralized data and integrations with third-party applications. In the office, replacing manual, time consuming tasks such as data entry with automated workflows frees up resources to focus on value adding activities and minimizes error.

5. Clearly Identify Where You Are Making and Losing Money

Capture all of your data from each job, in one centralized location, accessible from anywhere. You can also clearly identify where you are making and losing money through job costing and profitability reporting, and use collected data to optimize workflows, analyze the profitability of customers and inform hiring decisions.

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