Look Under the Hood of Customer Experience and You’ll find a Robust PSM solution

By Mark Engelberg – TimeLinx Software


In every business all over the world, the number one concept that will keep your clients coming back is customer service. Let’s face it, there is no such thing as a unique business offering so you will always have competitors. So how do you persuade potential clients to come back to you over and over? Simply by offering a good customer experience.

Great customer experience doesn’t just happen though. It’s not just theory – it’s not just leather seats. Behind exceptional customer experience is a robust PSM solution used by equally impressive people – that’s true customer experience. Like all good things in life, it is something that must be worked at and is made better by having the right tools to do so. A great car is the sum of all its parts, each one properly crafted by the correct tools to give you an overall experience. A good PSM solution is like the engine of the car, purring in the background and providing a smooth driving experience.

When it comes to customer experience, size doesn’t matter 

To achieve a premium level of customer experience doesn’t mean that you must be a well-resourced enterprise. All businesses need to elevate their customer experience and can make very good use of a PSM solution to do so. Many SME (Small/Medium Enterprise) CEOs look at spending big dollars on advisory fees for customer experience when it means nothing without the right tools to back up the complex strategies.

For many SMEs, scheduling and dispatching is a large part of the workload. Whether it is simply dispatching field technicians or scheduling programmers, it all must be managed correctly to result in a smooth ride for your customer. Frequently, small business owners will try to handle this by themselves, making use of spreadsheets or even worse, paper notebooks. This is commonly done to try and save money for the SME, but being humans, can easily result in errors. And errors equal a bad experience for your customers. No matter the size of your business, you can (and should) leverage the power of a good PSM solution to elevate your customer’s experience and service.

Here’s how having a PSM bolsters/ levels up your customer experience

  • Free up your people’s time so they can focus on the client. Imagine that! Actually focusing on the client. Stressed and overworked employees simply cannot put the time and effort they need into making sure that your customer is having a great experience with you. Because completion of the project is valued above everything else, the rest can easily fall by the wayside. In no way am I suggesting that we shouldn’t focus on the completion of the project, but it should be able to be done hand in hand with great customer service. And when all the nitty-gritty bits are being handled seamlessly by your PSM solution, then your people are free enough to do just that: manage the customer experience as well as the project.
  • Transparency: Both on a project level and billing level. Transparency is a key element in creating a good customer experience. Invoice-shock is a very real and rather traumatic event. No one wants to have certain expectations of costs on an ongoing project only to be presented with a wildly inflated bill at the end due to unforeseen issues. When you make use of a PSM solution, you can track every issue as they arise, make sure that they are included in the overall outlook, and adjust the project accordingly.
  • Scheduling and dispatching. Everything that is done on a project management level is in some way scheduling and dispatching. Keeping tabs on this can be a full-time task for an individual, but why make it so when you can simply use a proficient PSM solution to reduce the time required?


As with any truly beautiful vehicle, the true power is under the hood. Not always on display, but always powering its’ every move. A great PSM solution will do exactly that for your business and ultimately result in enhanced customer experience and efficiency. Your customers will experience a great ride while we have the satisfaction of knowing that what is making that ride truly great is the PSM engine in the background.

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About TimeLinx
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