New Gantt Charts for TimeLinx

Are you trying to look forward without the tools to do so?

We are happy to announce the new release of our new TimeLinx Gantt system, completely HTML-driven to provide full compatibility for all modern browsers and instantaneous speed. Not to mention some important new features. Despite being unexpectedly discontinued by Microsoft a couple of years ago, we have continue to support our Silverlight-based Gantt system until we could do a full rebuild of a new product.

We’ve spent many hours designing the new Gantt system that would best allow companies to utilize their staff to maximum capacity and visualize the status of all tasks and work for single or multiple projects, while keeping the unique TimeLinx filtering system providing maximum flexibility.

Two of the most requested features we’ve added are “critical path” management and “baseline” tracking.

Put simply, the critical path of a project is a specific sequence of tasks (the most critical ones) that must be completed on time in order for the project to meet its deadline. Each task on the critical path can only begin after the previous task on the critical path is complete.

Baseline scheduling is defined as the original scheduled tasks and resources required to finish a project. The baseline is stored so it can be used as the benchmark to compare all future measurements and manage change requests.

And coming this quarter is the release to market of our new Capacity Planner system, fully integrated with the Gantt system and the CRM Calendar and TimeLinx WebCalendar systems. The Capacity Planner provides management of resource allocations in a visual drag ‘n’ drop mechanism. Set full capacity for each person’s time to minimize non-productive time for every resource on a project.

For customers still on our old Gantt system, please contact your account manager to discuss an upgrade. The product upgrade is at no additional cost if your account and Annual Software Assurance are current.

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