Perona’s Product Posts -Edition 2: What is TimeGrid?

Welcome to our ongoing Tour of various TimeLinx project and service management features.  Check back each week for another Edition.

One of the key items in our Project Management solution is the capability to track time. In many Projects, it’s not just about the tasks and if they are complete, it’s tracking how much time is billable or not billable to the customer and the need to compare that to the original estimates for the tasks. Comparing actuals to estimates allows us to be agile and also improve our estimations for each future Project.

Of course, for this tracking to be successful it’s critical to get adoption by the frontline team doing the work.  Although TimeLinx supports Manager and Project Manager data entry as a feature, having the data entry completed by the user doing the work is the most accurate and most timely.  In order to enable low-friction rapid data entry, TimeLinx provides multiple methods to enter time, what we call role-based time entry – based on the user’s role in the organization.  One of those methods is our spreadsheet-like view called TimeGrid, 

TimeGrid provides a view that is purpose-built for the frontline worker and does not require license access to the core CRM application, thereby saving on CRM license costs.  For those currently on our platform, this it can be deployed simply and at a lower-cost TimeLinx license per user.  TimeGrid works across all of our supported Platforms.

On our future product roadmap we will be adding touch-friendly controls and easy in-line editing.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions or design suggestions.

John Perona
Vice President, Products & Services
TimeLinx Software

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