Sage CRM 2024 Coming in April

TimeLinx is proud to be a Sage Business and Development Partner since 2001 and pleased to share that Sage CRM 2024 R1 will be released in April of 2024. This article provides a sneak preview of the key features and enhancements in development for Sage CRM 2024 R1. It also highlights the roadmap for the upcoming years, giving you a glimpse of the direction of the product.

What’s coming in Sage CRM 2024 R1?

Here’s a summary of the exciting features and enhancements coming up in Sage CRM 2024 R1:

Sage CRM Ally

A new embedded AI-powered tool that provides context-aware help and guides users through everyday tasks within the CRM application.


A versatile feature that allows users to seamlessly tag entities within the system, enabling them to create custom groups, and reports, and perform targeted actions.

64-bit Architecture

A comprehensive upgrade that will start the transformation of Sage CRM into a fully 64-bit application, boosting performance and enhancing overall stability.

Text Formatting Enhancements

A simple yet powerful feature that enables users to add emphasis to plain text fields using asterisks and underscores, rendering them bold and italic.

Future Roadmap

The future of Sage CRM is bright, with a robust roadmap that includes:

  • Continuous product renewal
    • Sage CRM will undergo continuous renewal, ensuring that Sage CRM remains secure and able to take advantage of the latest technology.
  • Exchange Integration
    • A migration to Graph API will further enhance the Exchange integration capabilities of Sage CRM.
  • User Experience Enhancements
    • Sage CRM will continue to focus on improving the overall user experience, making it more intuitive and user-friendly.

These exciting developments demonstrate Sage’s commitment to providing its customers with a cutting-edge CRM solution that meets their evolving needs.

Sage CRM 2024 R1 will mark a significant step forward, introducing innovative features and enhancements that will empower users to achieve greater success. The roadmap for the future further emphasizes Sage’s commitment to continuous innovation and customer satisfaction.

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