Sage CRM Ranked in the Top 5 CRM Solutions – Scores 97 out of 100

Key differentiators & advantages of Sage CRM

  • Improve Data Visibility: Sage CRM stores all data in a single, central location. This eliminates working from different spreadsheet versions, removes data silos and ensures everyone has the same access to updated information.
  • Send Targeted Messages: List segmentation allows your organization to send relevant, tailored offers and content. You can create customer groups based on different criteria for more effective campaigns and promos.
  • Deliver Exceptional Customer Service: Agents have access to customer data, allowing them to view a customer’s history to provide accelerated, informed resolutions. The system also provides tools for creating a knowledge base and setting up a self-service portal so customers can easily find solutions to common issues or submit tickets.
  • Enable Easy Access: Sales reps can view meetings, demos and day-to-day tasks via the calendar feature. The system also provides updates, such as when a new sale comes in.
  • Apply Standardized Processes: The solution improves operational processes by automating budget changes, customer invoices and more. It also promotes consistent sales performance by providing the same processes for each rep to follow.
  • Drive More Revenue: The system reveals at-risk customers so sales reps know which leads to follow up with. This helps them close more deals. In addition, a complete view of each customer’s lifecycle helps pinpoint cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

Industry Expertise

Sage CRM is suitable for companies across a wide range of industries. Its global client base of more than 14,000 can be found in sectors such as manufacturing, financial services, retail, distribution, IT, government, services, energy and gas, and the nonprofit field.

Key Features

  • Lead Management: Sage CRM stores comprehensive contact information. Pipeline data and opportunities are visible via pre-built dashboards. The system also supports territory management.
  • Dashboards: You can stay informed about a number of KPIs using customizable dashboards that pull data from multiple sources. Metrics include leads generated, ROI on campaigns, conversion rates, sales trends, open deals and progress against forecasted expectations.
  • Reports: The solution supports reporting for sales and customer service metrics. You can compile data such as follow-up stats, case resolution times, sales opportunities and more. Sage CRM provides standard reports and the ability to customize your own.
  • MailChimp Support: Sage CRM connects with MailChimp to provide email marketing capabilities. In MailChimp, you can build campaigns using out-of-the-box or custom templates, automate campaigns and send surveys to gather customer feedback. The platform also shows metrics such as open rates, number of unsubscribes and more.
  • Case Management: The system provides a detailed outline of each case, including the severity, description, assigned customer service agent, stage and SLA status.
  • Forecasting: You can draw from a range of real-time data points to build forecasts, which can be exported to Excel.
  • Quotes & Orders: Pre-built templates facilitate quick proposal generation, while current access to updated product and pricing information ensures accuracy.

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