Thank You for a Successful 2020 and a Look at the Year Ahead

As we welcome in fiscal 2021 and close out the 2020 financial year, we would like to thank our clients, partners and suppliers for all of their support the last 12 months. TimeLinx is proud to report that despite the challenges related to the global pandemic,  2020 was the most successful year for the company in over 7 years. The reasons behind the success is significant progress in the following areas:  transition to a subscription business model, reduce all non-essential expense, significant increases in new client acquisition and existing client growth across all regions , staff upgrades as well as expanded product and service offerings.

Regardless of the successes of 2020,  the key objective for FY21 will be to release the new agnostic multi-platform edition of TimeLinx PSM early in 2nd quarter. The demand among small and medium businesses for PSM solutions continues to increase and therefore accelerating our investment in this initiative to capitalize on the opportunity is imperative. North America, Western Europe and the Middle East show the highest demand. While our primary development efforts will be on the multi-platform edition of TimeLinx, the team remains focused on our longstanding partnerships and alliances with Sage and Infor. In addition to the agnostic TimeLinx PSM solution, the following are the remaining key initiatives for 2021:

  • Continued focus on organic recurring revenue and new client acquisition
  • Continued focus on subscription and recurring license revenue
  • Continued focus on cash flow, cash management and cash conversion
  • Continued focus on evaluating vendors, suppliers and contractors for the purposes of expense management
  • Continued focus and evaluation of staff to ensure recruitment and retention of the best possible employees
  • Continued focus on customer experience and enhancement to internal and external systems

The TimeLinx mission is a simple one…to be the best company to work for in the PSM industry, to be the best company to partner with in the PSM industry and the best company to buy from in the PSM industry…

Jeffrey Gregorec

Executive Vice President & General Manager

TimeLinx Software, Inc.