The Dream Becomes a Reality: Seamless Upgrades for Infor CRM SLX are Proven in the Field!

There are lots of advantages to the latest version of Infor CRM SLX, but without question the most significant is the introduction of seamless upgrades.

What Does “Seamless Upgrades” Mean?

Seamless Upgrades means that from v8.5 onwards, your customizations will no longer prevent you from adopting future product releases. Gone are the days when a customization branched your instance of CRM off the core code, and rendered it expensive and time consuming to upgrade. Instead, once you’ve upgraded to v8.5, customizations are now kept separate from the Infor CRM core, meaning you can stay current on the most recent version of CRM without the hassle and expense of merging or recreating controls into out of box screens. All of your customizations roll with you seamlessly into the next release, without extra effort, so that no matter how much you have customized the core product, upgrades to the next version are quick and easy.


Mike Strieder, Solution Architect
I’ve used CRM SLX for over 2 decades and had accepted that upgrades were fiddly and time consuming – especially when systems were customized. But now, those customizations are no longer a hurdle to upgrading – I couldn’t believe it when the first upgrade I performed on the latest version of CRM only took 60 minutes!

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