Why You Shouldn’t Use Standalone Project Management Software

All service companies need project management software, and most of them need better project management software for one major reason: they lack one single system to unify their project data with other departments, drive project and sales activities, and learn from historical project experiences. The standalone nature of the project systems used today makes those things impossible.

Here’s why you shouldn’t use standalone project management software.

You Need Answers

For example, you need answers to questions like:Data Integration. Information Concept. Blue Arrow with

  • What did sales learn about the customer that will make our work successful
  • How much time do we have available to deliver?
  • How much time and what other work did the salespeople commit we’d deliver?
  • Who’s done which tasks? Is it completed?
  • What work remains to be done?
  • Are there issues that management should know about before it’s too late?
  • Are we billing the project correctly? The right work for the right price?
  • How much did we earn on the project? Can we improve that before the project is completed?

Standalone Software Doesn’t Offer Most of Those Answers (and not in time to help you)

Those questions are hard to answer without a sytem that’s more than just project management. Time capture software and scheduling software and task management software all have no correlation to the cost of labor until after it’s gone through the accounting system “x” days/weeks after the project is completed.

By then, that information holds little value because it arrived too late to affect the project; the data is even less valuable when you consider that by the time you receive it, you’re so busy with your newest project you didn’t have time to determine how to use information from the last project it to improve this one.

Without a system that shares information, you’re stuck trying to put this data together manually – which means you won’t. And you can’t.

You’re Missing the Warning Signs

As a result of this disaggregation of information and activities, companies are so busy (and frenzied) trying to deliver current projects that they have little time to heed the warning signs that they need to dramatically change how they manage projects.

There are three warning signs that you have a major project management problem:

  • You don’t know if your project is profitable until after you deliver the work.
  • You can’t pinpoint the status of all current projects in real time.
  • Expensive labor time (read: salaries) is wasted daily.

Not having a single, fully integrated, system in your company system affects your ability to offer good customer service, be profitable, and stay ahead of the competition. Luckily, TimeLinx can help – contact us for more information on the benefits integrated project management software.

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About TimeLinx
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