TimeLinx Talk- Weekly Newsletter – Edition 19 Buyers Guide

With circulation growing, many of our TimeLinx Talk readers have asked for more content related to best practices, minimizing risks and maximizing performance. This entire edition is focused on just that. Please keep the feedback coming…

  • TimeLinx – Project and Service Management Software Buying Guide –
    The way business is done has changed dramatically, and if you’re considering this buyer’s guide, it’s because you’re seeking a software solution to streamline your business processes, increase productivity and efficiency, and reduce costly data entry errors…Click the image to download the Buyers Guide.

  • Why You Shouldn’t Use Standalone Project and Service Management Software –All service companies need project & service management software, and typically for one one of these reasons: they lack one single system to unify their project data with other departments, drive project and sales activities, and learn from historical project experiences. The standalone nature of the project systems used today makes those things impossible…Click the image to learn more…

  • Change the Way You View CRM & ERP– The days of a CRM system being just simply a tool to manage relationships and sales opportunities, and your ERP system being your financial center for costs and revenues are long over. Modern enhancements in integrations have enabled service companies to connect their systems, passing data between them while retaining the possibility of best-of-breed systems dedicated to the departments that require them. Click the image for the whole story…

  • From Quote to Cash – The quote to cash process is problematic in ways that negatively affect profitability. As you incorporate a more complex set of services or product-service combinations into your offerings, there are a growing number of information disconnects that can occur; each one poses a threat of revenue leakage or failure to optimize offerings and deliverables. Click the image to learn more…

  • Double Entry is Bad for Any Business– If your growing services business is like most, you use multiple systems and leverage common tools, such as spreadsheets, to share and report data between your departments/teams. But having your data dispersed that way slows you down – your people are continuously re-entering data to ensure that information is consistent, all processes are complete, and everyone has the data they need however double entry leads to costly mistakes, version control issues, delays in payment and the list goes on. Click the image to learn how to resolve…

  • Connecting the Dots Between CRM, ERP and Project and Service Management Software – As the world moves to browser-based applications, it can mean that some of your applications might be on a local server in your office and others are hosted somewhere else. The challenge now becomes integrating these various solutions to maximize profits and increase efficiencies across the organization. Click the image to learn some of the best practices in getting the most from your systems…

  • TimeLinx Webinar- What’s New in TimeLinx 2019

    • Date & Time Wednesday May 15th, 2019 – 1:00PMEST / 10:00AM PST
    • Format – Web Conference
    • Audience
      • Project Managers
      • Field Service Leaders
      • Finance Leaders
      • Technology Leaders
      • Business Consultants
      • ERP/CRM Resellers
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