Field Service Infographic: Incredible, Real-life FSM Customer Benefits

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, and this is one of them. The field service infographic in this post displays actual customer success stories from companies using FSM software.

The numbers are a staggering validation of field service management (FSM) software done right.

Actual customer benefits of FSM: Faster invoicing, increased efficiency, happier customers

Writing about what a product can do in theory is very different from showing the true benefits that customers experienced while using the product.

Here are some of the field service benefits customers recognized:

  • 90% less admin work
  • 54% more efficient processes
  • 5 days faster invoicing
  • 60% more leads
  • 35% boost in customer satisfaction

Field service essentials can help companies in multiple ways. Following are some of the top examples:

  1. Enables your technicians to fix the customer issues as quickly as possible
  2. Improves first-time fix rates
  3. Minimizes manual tasks in field service planning and scheduling by automating the processes to improve efficiency
  4. Enables seamless information flow and transparency to increase efficiency and productivity throughout the service processes
  5. Minimizes the manual work for technicians so they can spend their time on what they’re good at: fixing machines and making sure customers are happy

Field service infographic: The results speak for themselves

The digitalization of field service enables companies realize remarkable benefits in terms of efficiency, productivity, and cost savings. Learn how you can automate and optimize your field service processes and provide speedy and reliable service to your customers.

When FSM is done well, techs serve as front-line agents, creating a much better customer experience and inspiring long-term loyalty. Great FSM can deliver on the promises made during the sales process and by the larger brand.

Getting field service management right is business critical today. There isn’t an organization out there that can ignore the requirement of ensuring an unbroken chain of customer experience. FSM puts the right tools in the right hands, assuring first-class customer service with as little interruption as possible – throughout the entire customer lifecycle

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