How to Determine Your Company’s Needs for Project Management Software

The most challenging step in better project delivery is determining what you need to improve. What things should you review? What numbers should you pull together to understand the impact of different things? Where do you start if everything is a project-related process?

To tackle this, limit yourself to two major activities: a process analysis and an application rationalization analysis.

Process Analysis

A process analysis should yield information regarding the different processes you need and the tools used to perform those processes. For example, you have processes for expense collection, time recording, asset tracking, tech support, and more; each of those must have a corresponding set of functionality from a software tool. By laying out your processes and their associated functional requirements, you’ll quickly see the which tools block functionality and which will help you enable the process (your “best practice”) and maybe even enable multiple processes with the fewest number of tools.

Documenting processes and their software requirements isn’t for an inexperienced person because, as with any subject, untrained/inexperienced people “don’t know what they don’t know.” Therefore, we recommend engaging a process professional to document your processes. The more varied elements and interconnected processes you have (aren’t they all?), the more you’ll need professional assistance.

Application Rationalization Analysis

Once you’ve documented your processes, you need to answer the question, “How do we do that with the fewest number of applications?” Harking back to the topic we’ve previously discussed about disconnected, standalone systems, you’ll want to combine as many functions as you can to keep data, workflows, and processes connected. This minimizes manual data input and duplicate data entry, making all your processes faster while minimizing errors and reducing the resources you’ll need to support multiple technologies and applications.

Another way to improve your project delivery is with the right project management software – the kind that offers automation and integrates with the processes of your accounting system and CRM system. For more information about mastering process and application rationalization analyses or getting better project management software, contact TimeLinx today to start you down the best path for you.

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