Maximize Your Business Potential with Sage 3rd Party Add-Ons

Every business wants to boost performance, streamline processes, and improve customer experience.

This is where the Sage Business Cloud Marketplace can help. ( TimeLinx PSM is part of the Sage Business Cloud)

It is a curated selection of curated selection of Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) apps that integrate with your Sage solution, including Sage 100, Sage 300, and Sage X3.

By integrating our industry-leading apps, you can drastically reduce admin, manage all your accounting and payroll needs, and implement new efficiency measures to increase returns and boost your business performance.

What’s more, add-ons enable you to enhance and further your service or product capability. The Marketplace improves access to an even wider range of third-party apps through a single ecosystem where you can find everything your business requires for growth.

How can add-ons enhance your Sage solution?

Curated, tried, tested and certified by us, the apps on Sage Marketplace will help you gain richer business insights to enhance your Sage solution, simplify your processes, and solve many of the issues you encounter in business.

New apps can be connected to your existing Sage product, creating a truly connected and enhanced business environment for your customers, employees and bottom line.

Here’s how Marketplace helps your business perform at its peak:

  • Minimize effort – Sage Marketplace offers a wide range of automation apps that can alleviate the burden of repetitive tasks.
  • Increase efficiency – With process simplification and data integration apps, you can eliminate complex routines and re-processing transactions or journal entries. Some apps allow you to bring more data-led intelligence into your business by providing real-time insights based on AI and machine learning.
  • The most innovative apps industry has to offer – Our apps are designed with innovation in mind and aim to support various business sectors. When it comes to marketing and distribution, for instance:
    Search and filter the many apps available by functionality, industry, or business size, and can all seamlessly integrate with your existing systems.

Get the most out of your Sage add-ons

The industry-leading apps on Sage Marketplace can integrate immediately and seamlessly into your current Sage solution, helping streamline processes and boost business performance.

All apps are fully Sage-certified, giving you peace of mind that they’ve been tried and tested and empowering you to get the best out of Sage for your business.

Visit the Sage Business Cloud Marketplace to discover apps that can help extend the capabilities of your Sage 100, Sage 300, and Sage X3 solutions.

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About TimeLinx
TimeLinx delivers innovative project & service management software as a complete solution that perfects the sell-track-manage-support-bill cycle that services organizations must have to delight their customers; TimeLinx brings the cycle together in a single application that offers less frustration, better project management, complete reporting, and improved profitability – all specially designed for Infor and Sage.